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Where Is Cuba
Where Is Cuba

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Cuba is known all over the world under the romantic name "The Island of Freedom", although this unofficial name was given to the island state only in 1959, when the revolution led by Fidel Castro won in Cuba. Today Cuba is a developed socialist state with a population of almost 12 million people.

Where is Cuba
Where is Cuba

The state of Cuba occupies the island of the same name and many other smaller ones that are part of the Greater Antilles. At the same time, most of the country is precisely the island of Cuba, whose area is 105,000 square kilometers. And all the other island possessions of the Cuban state account for less than 5% of its area. It is worth noting that after the conflict between the United States and Spain, the American military received the right to a small plot of land in the province of Guantanamo, where to this day there is a world-famous military base with a once secret CIA prison. Cuba is washed on all sides by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, and the beaches along almost the entire coastline of the country are considered some of the best in the world.

Absolutely all beaches in Cuba are free and owned by local municipalities. Only a few hotels have small sections of the coast where there are no local residents.

Where is Cuba, and what is the climate there

Cuba has an amazing warm and mild climate due to its geographic location. Cuba is separated from the famous American state of Florida by the small Florida Strait, which is no more than 153 kilometers wide. A warm current passes along the surface of this strait, which can be considered part of the Gulf Stream. Due to the abundant warm sea currents along the coast of the island, even in winter, the water temperature on the beaches of Cuba does not drop below 22 ° C, and in summer this indicator is at the level of 27-29 ° C. In general, the climate in Cuba is tropical trade wind, which in practice means a clear division into two seasons: rainy and dry. It rains in Cuba from May to October, while dry and sunny weather can be enjoyed from November to April.

Cuba is separated by a small distance by sea from the Yucatan Peninsula, which is the territory of Mexico. Liberty Island is also surrounded by paradises such as the Bahamas, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Cuba is separated from these geographic features by small straits 70 to 160 kilometers wide.

In clear weather, Florida can be seen from the northern coast of Cuba, since the distance here does not exceed 150 kilometers. Illegal immigrants who cross the strait on makeshift ships also benefit from America's proximity.

How to get to Cuba from Russia

The total flight time to Fidel's homeland will be about 12 hours. Direct flights from Russia are operated by Transaero and Aeroflot, whose planes arrive in Havana and Varadero, a resort town in the north of Cuba, whose beaches are the best in this part of the world, according to UNESCO. As a rule, direct regular flights to Cuba can only be counted on from Moscow and St. Petersburg. Most of the charter flights also depart from the airports of the capital's air hubs, so travelers should find convenient connecting flights in advance.

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