How To Buy A Suitcase

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How To Buy A Suitcase
How To Buy A Suitcase
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Vacation is an eagerly awaited event. A trip to the sea or a trip to other countries, the main thing is not to sit in your own, but very boring walls. So that after the vacation there are only pleasant memories, you should approach the collection of things very carefully. And then a reasonable question arises: "How to buy a suitcase?" Or rather, how to choose it correctly?

How to buy a suitcase
How to buy a suitcase


Step 1

First, decide what size suitcase you need. The size is usually indicated in terms of liters. Suitcases with a volume of 20 liters and a height of 45-55 cm are considered small, they are classified as carry-on luggage. Suitcases with a volume of 24-25 liters and a height of 60-65 cm are considered average, and volumes up to 100 liters can fit almost everything, including all kinds of souvenirs from the trip.

Step 2

When choosing a suitcase, be sure to pay attention to the material. A combination of polyester and nylon is considered ideal. In addition, the fabric must contain a water-repellent impregnation. A plastic product with metal chips is durable, but scratches may appear on it over time. A plastic suitcase with titanium chips is not afraid of scratches and bumps. Leather products undoubtedly look very nice, but this material is easily scratched and torn. In addition, such a suitcase has a lot of weight.

Step 3

Choose a suitcase whose wheels are attached and rotate autonomously. Please note that they must be hidden in the body of the suitcase, otherwise it will be damaged in case of accidental collision with other objects. Whenever possible, choose a model with a retaining brake. Give preference to metal bearings - with them the wheels will last longer.

Step 4

Make sure the plastic or fabric handles on the suitcase are securely attached. If the handle seems uncomfortable even with an empty suitcase, don't buy it. The retractable handle must be securely hidden in the body of the suitcase. It should also have a latch, usually a dedicated button.

Step 5

Prefer large-toothed plastic zippers. Many suitcases now come with a self-healing zipper (it will work even after losing a few teeth). The clasp should be 8-10 mm wide.

Step 6

Choose a model with multiple locks. 2 locks on a key and 1 combination is the best option. If your suitcase has combination padlocks, buy a few in reserve to change them if necessary.

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