How To Relax On Seliger In Summer

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How To Relax On Seliger In Summer
How To Relax On Seliger In Summer
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Seliger is considered to be a system of lakes in the Tver and Novgorod regions, formed by melting glaciers. The water in Seliger is very clear, the visibility reaches five meters. The place is perfect for fishing: about 30 species of fish live in this reservoir. You can relax on Seliger in the summer both at a specially equipped base and in a tent camp.

How to relax on Seliger in summer
How to relax on Seliger in summer

It is necessary

  • - car;
  • - tent;
  • - fishing permit;
  • - fishing gear;
  • - tourist equipment;
  • - insect repellent.


Step 1

For a civilized holiday on Seliger in the summer, rent a house or a room at numerous recreation centers. They have a well-developed infrastructure, the ability to organize excursions for you in various directions (for example, to the Holy Okovetsky Key or to the Nilov Hermitage). The club hotel "Vershina Seliger", the tourist center "Tropa", the boarding house "Sokol", the house of receptions "Hijina" have recommended themselves best of all in the reception of guests.

Step 2

If you are a fan of "wild" recreation, you can independently discover the beauty of Lake Seliger. To do this, you need to book a place in the tent camp, collect fishing tackle and send on the way. This option of spending time on Seliger in the summer will allow you to truly take a break from the stone urban jungle and feel yourself alone with nature.

Step 3

Choose a tent site yourself. Just be sure to remember that during the holidays there is very little fertile soil for "wild" rest; on the banks of the Seliger, temporary houses for those who like to spend time alone with a fishing rod grow up at a triple speed. Try not to set up your tent in the forest: hordes of mosquitoes, anthills and termite mounds trap you there. Also, beware of ticks in early summer.

Step 4

It is also better not to stay close to the water, all the same insects will not allow you to rest peacefully. The best place to pitch a tent is at the edge of the forest, near a tree, which, with its shadow, will protect your home from overheating. Inspect the site carefully before installing. It should be flat, dry and free of holes in which rainwater can collect. Lay a "carpet" of leaves or a special bedding under the tent - so you are guaranteed to protect yourself from the night cold.

Step 5

For fishing in Seliger, purchase a special permit. You can get it from the fishery control officers right on the lake. The cost varies depending on the location chosen for fishing. If you are staying at one of the Holiday Homes, you will be offered special fishing activities, for which you do not need a special permit.

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