How To Buy Tickets To The Vatican

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How To Buy Tickets To The Vatican
How To Buy Tickets To The Vatican
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If you are planning an independent trip to Italy, to Rome, then surely your plans include a visit to the Vatican. But there is usually a long queue for tickets. How can you avoid this unpleasant procedure? For example, you can buy tickets in advance using special internet sites.

How to buy tickets to the Vatican
How to buy tickets to the Vatican

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - the Internet;
  • - bank card;
  • - Fax;
  • - email.


Step 1

Choose the site where you will buy tickets. If you are only interested in the Vatican, then it is logical to go directly to its website: - and there you will find a link to the museums of this country. Alternatively, you can insert the address into the search bar of your browser. There is another possibility - to use the services of intermediaries. But they naturally make an additional mark-up on tickets.

Step 2

On the Vatican website, select the type of visit to this state. This can be an entrance ticket, an individual or group excursion, a group stay with an individual guide in a group of up to 15 people and specialized tours that require special registration (educational, pilgrimage, archaeological). Please note that a regular ticket allows you to visit only museums and the Sistine Chapel, and during excursions you can also visit the Vatican Gardens and St. Peter's Basilica. Choose the option you want. Please note that guides in Russian are extremely rare.

Step 3

To buy simple admission tickets, click on the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel link. A page with a description of the service and a form for choosing a date will open. Set the desired month and number of visitors. Tickets can be booked no earlier than 60 days before the visit. Click Next.

Step 4

A table with available dates will open in front of you - select the one you need. New information will appear about the available visiting hours. Click on a convenient time, pay attention to the prices. Select the number of people looking for a full adult or reduced child ticket and click Next again. A payment form will open. A € 4 booking fee is added to every ticket purchased. Enter your contact information: last name, first name, gender, country, city and date of birth, email address, phone number and full name of the payer. Enter the secret code, confirm that you agree with the agreement and click the right button at the bottom of the page.

Step 5

You will receive a unique code for your reservation. Click Next again. A payment form will open, where again you need to insert all your contact information, select the type of card and enter its number. After that, the deal will be completed. Print your purchase confirmation.

Step 6

To buy a ticket for the tour, select the type of tour of the Vatican: museums and the Sistine Chapel, gardens, museums and St. Peter's Cathedral. The last two types of tours on the site look similar and pass through the same places, but differ in the presentation of information. The next step also contains differences from buying a regular admission ticket. In addition to the month and number of people wishing to visit the Vatican, indicate the language of the tour. There is Russian in the list, but be prepared for the fact that such excursions are held irregularly. The rest of the steps coincide with the purchase of entrance tickets.

Step 7

Book a tour without prepayment by fax. Send by phone 06.698.84019 a statement of your desire to visit museums with your email address. The answer will come in a few days. Print it out and present at the entrance for guided tours. You can already buy ordinary tickets at the box office. But in this way, as a rule, you cannot get into the Vatican gardens.

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