Where To Go On A Weekend In St. Petersburg

Where To Go On A Weekend In St. Petersburg
Where To Go On A Weekend In St. Petersburg
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In this beautiful city, you can find a lot of opportunities to spend your weekend in a fun, interesting and profitable way. Probably, half of your life will not be enough to visit all the historical, exotic, mystical and entertaining places. Friends and acquaintances can give you good advice on sightseeing. Or you can open the Internet and search for programs of performances of famous artists, performances and films, opening hours of exhibitions and museums.

Where to go on a weekend in St. Petersburg
Where to go on a weekend in St. Petersburg

See the city from above. This can be done by climbing the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, or by taking part in a guided tour of the rooftops. A beautiful panorama of the central part of the city opens from the roof of the Karl Bulla Museum-Photo Salon.

If you are fascinated by mysticism, go to the "Horrors of St. Petersburg" attraction. Having visited each of its 13 rooms, you will get acquainted with the history and literature of this city, with famous Petersburgers of the past. Your experience will be enhanced with superbly conceived and executed special effects, robots and talented acting.

Take a bike tour in Alexandria Park, next to the Peterhof fountains, admire its beautiful English-style furnishings, as well as a magnificent view of the Gulf of Finland.

An exciting journey for you and your children will be a visit to the ice skating rink or the famous Waterville water park with breathtaking slides and water attractions. On Krestovsky Island you can visit the Divo Ostrovov park. Extreme entertainment and performances by pop stars will turn your vacation into a real show.

A visit to Dino Park will be a pleasant surprise for your child. Getting into it, you seem to be transported to another time, to the distant past, discovering the amazing world of dinosaurs. This is an indoor park, so no weather can spoil your fun. A tropical forest with tall trees and hanging lianas, attractions, labyrinths, a visit to the museum will give you a lot of pleasant impressions. Adults can sit in the cozy café while the kids have fun. Its walls are transparent, so you will not lose sight of the child.

Immerse yourself in the magnificent world of nature by visiting the Mindo Garden of Living Butterflies or the Oceanarium, where about one and a half hundred species of fish and various mammals are found, incl. sharks and seals with interesting shows every day.

Visit an ostrich farm near St. Petersburg. Black African ostriches are bred there, as well as peacocks, turkeys and pheasants. You can listen to an interesting excursion about these birds, as well as buy ostrich meat and feathers or souvenirs from their egg shells.

If you are a cat lover, then you will undoubtedly enjoy visiting the "Republic of Cats" in the city center. Here you can see not only these smart, charming pets, but also see a museum dedicated to them, sit and have a cup of tea in the club, read a book from the "Cat's Library".

On a good summer day, it is not a bad idea to walk along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg on one of the many boats, and if you prefer an active holiday, you may like the Norwegian rope park, which has trails, flights and "bungee" for people of all ages and different physical preparation.

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