How To Rent A Car

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How To Rent A Car
How To Rent A Car
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Renting a car is very convenient when you are on a trip or business trip and you need a car for a while. Abroad, this service has been provided for a long time. Now it is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

How to rent a car
How to rent a car


Step 1

Take care of choosing a company in which you will rent a car. As a rule, there are several of them in large cities of Russia. In addition to local firms, there are representative offices of some international car rental companies in our country. The addresses and phone numbers of some of them can be found on the Internet.

Step 2

In order to take a car, prepare your passport and driver's license. If you are not driving a car alone, you will need the same documents from other drivers. Some firms have specific age and seniority requirements.

Step 3

Also have a credit card or some cash ready for the deposit. Some companies offer to book a car and pay online. The money will be returned to you in full when the vehicle is returned.

Step 4

To avoid misunderstandings, carefully inspect the car that you rent for various damages, scratches, chips. Be sure to include all identified defects in the acceptance certificate. Don't forget to check your license plates.

Step 5

Also carefully study the contract and ask the employee of the company the following: - what documents to present and how to respond if you are stopped by a traffic police officer (for example, how fines are paid); - what to do in case of an accident or car breakdown; - are there any special conditions for returning the car (the amount of gasoline in the tank, etc.); - what are the insurance conditions (many companies establish a so-called deductible - the amount that the driver will be obliged to pay in the event of an accident).

Step 6

Find out if there are any nuances in driving the car you rent. Find out how mirrors, seats, how to operate a stereo, etc. are adjusted.

Step 7

If you want to rent a car in foreign countries, apply for an international license. The rental procedure is basically the same as in Russia - you book a car and pay a deposit.

Step 8

Also read the contract carefully. In Europe, for example, there is often limited mileage, i.e. for each additional kilometer you will be charged separately.

Step 9

Ask if the rent includes various types of insurance, local taxes, etc. Be sure to find out if a collision damage waiver is signed with the company - a document that will release you from liability in the event of a car breakdown.

Step 10

Do not forget that in foreign countries, as a rule, there are restrictions on age (at least 21-23 years) and driver's experience (at least 1 year under international law).

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