How The Transport Network Of Bologna Works

How The Transport Network Of Bologna Works
How The Transport Network Of Bologna Works
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Bologna is a city without which it is difficult to imagine a trip to Italy. An undoubted plus for tourists is that most of the cultural and historical values ​​are located in the central part of the city and are accessible for walking. If you do not want to move on your own, you can use public transport, the network of which in Bologna is well developed and is represented by both ground and underground means of transportation.

How the transport network of Bologna works
How the transport network of Bologna works

Without a doubt, the most popular and demanded mode of transport. Today, there are about 50 routes operating, which affect all corners of the city. A single trip for a tourist will cost 1, 3-1, 5 EUR. The ticket can be purchased from vending machines installed in the bus itself or at the bus stop. For convenience and economy, you can purchase a travel ticket. Price per day - about 5 EUR, for 10 trips - 12 EUR (can be used for several people).

When boarding, it is imperative to validate the ticket, otherwise the journey will be considered unpaid!

Especially for tourists there is a special type of City Red Bus. It is a two-story, red-colored vehicle equipped with an audio guide in 8 languages. The route passes through the main attractions. Ticket price: adult - 12 EUR, child - 3 EUR.

This transport is also very popular, therefore it is still flourishing. The trolleybus fare is from 1 to 1.5 EUR per person.

The choice among light transport is very wide. Both private taxi drivers and taxi operators offer their services. Taxi prices in Italy are among the highest in Europe.

At the beginning of the trip, it is better to clarify the exact fare, otherwise there is a risk of losing a large amount of money. Taxi drivers often take advantage of the tourist's ignorance and lengthen the route due to looping or shenanigans with the meter!

The Bologna Metro has one branch, which runs well along tourist routes. The metro fare is the same as the bus fare.

You can also travel around the city and its environs by rented transport. It is not difficult to rent a car in Bologna. The choice among transport companies is very large, you can choose a car for every taste and budget.

If you come to the city by your own car, or rented in another city, first get a permit to enter the city at your hotel!

Cycling around Bologna is very popular. After all, this transport is environmentally friendly, convenient and allows you to bypass traffic jams. You can rent a bike at the rental stations that are often found in the city. The price varies, on average - from 10 EUR per day.

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