How To Find Your Lost Baggage

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How To Find Your Lost Baggage
How To Find Your Lost Baggage
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Missing luggage is not uncommon these days, so there is an effective mechanism for solving this problem. So, if you don't see your suitcase on the SERP, don't be in a hurry to get upset. Airline representatives do not use the word “lost” at all, but instead say that the baggage was “delayed”. Indeed, in the vast majority of cases it is so, and soon it is easy to find.

How to find lost luggage
How to find lost luggage

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - baggage tag.


Step 1

Make sure your luggage is actually missing from the tape. Perhaps not everything has appeared on the conveyor, or you simply did not notice your bag among others. If there is definitely no luggage, then immediately contact the tracing desk, which is located right there in the arrival hall. In Russia it is called “Baggage Search”, and abroad it is usually written on it Lost & Found. Smaller airports may not have such a counter. Then track down your airline representative. If the flight is in transit, then the last carrier is responsible for your baggage. As a last resort, you can contact the airport employee who is always in the arrivals hall.

Step 2

To return your baggage, you must write a written claim. You will need a passport, as well as a luggage tag - this is a tear-off sticker with the luggage number, which is glued to the ticket at check-in. Describe your suitcase in detail. What color, shape, size it is, what material it is made of, whether it is wrapped with foil for safety, whether there are wheels and handles, what is its weight. If there is a nameplate on your luggage, be sure to write about it. Provide your address and contact details. The employee will tell you exactly what information you need to provide about yourself. This is necessary for the airline to know to whom and where to return the baggage. The baggage loss report is drawn up in two copies, one of which remains with you, the second is handed over to the airline representative.

Step 3

A company representative will assure you that everything will be found within 24 hours. This is usually the case. On the statement of loss, which you have left, the number of the baggage tracing service or the telephone of the carrier's representative must be recorded. If your baggage is not returned to you within 5 days, you can always call and find out how the search is progressing.

Step 4

You can check the status of the search on the Internet if your carrier is connected to the World Tracer baggage search system. Among Russian companies, these are, for example, Transaero and S7, and from airports - Domodedovo. When the statement of loss is drawn up, you are issued4 with a unique identification number that you can enter on the airline's website to find out if your suitcase has already been found. The system checks each piece of unclaimed baggage and the request from each passenger for a match according to the specified criteria. First of all, the number on the baggage tag is considered. Then the characteristics from the description of the suitcase are checked, information about the owner.

Step 5

When the luggage is found, it should be brought to the address indicated by you absolutely free of charge. True, it should be located within the city or in the nearest suburb. In this case, the courier will call you and inform you when the found suitcase will be delivered to you. If you live too far away (for example, in another city or abroad), then the suitcase will be waiting for you at the office of the company or at its representative office at the airport for a year.

Step 6

If 5 days have passed since the application was submitted, and the baggage has not been found, contact the airline again. Make a list of the things that were in the suitcase. Luggage is found in more than 90% of cases. Many airlines claim to be 99%.

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