How To Return A Plane Ticket

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How To Return A Plane Ticket
How To Return A Plane Ticket

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If you bought a plane ticket, but are forced to refuse the trip for valid reasons or you do not like the service provided, then the question arises of its return. How to do this and is it feasible at all? To begin with, you can always return a ticket and there are several ways for this.

return plane ticket
return plane ticket


Step 1

If for some reason you were denied a visa, and the ticket has already been purchased, then you can return it back to the air carrier. To do this, take with you a written visa refusal, passport and your ticket. In this case, the air carrier must return the entire cost of the ticket to you without deducting a fine or any commissions from it.

Step 2

Do not forget that the return of the ticket takes place strictly at the place of its sale and only to the person for whom this ticket was issued. Be sure to bring your passport or other identity document with you.

Step 3

You can return the ticket if the flight is canceled or postponed for a long period, or the flight is redirected to another airport. In this case, write a written ticket waiver. The administration is obliged to pay you the entire cost of the ticket without deducting any commissions.

Step 4

You can voluntarily cancel the flight and return the ticket, if there is an objective reason, stating the reason for the refusal in writing. In this case, the administration of the air carrier may withhold the amount from you as a fine or commission. The amount is withheld taking into account the return period and the face value of the ticket.

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