How To Pack Your Luggage

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How To Pack Your Luggage
How To Pack Your Luggage
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Check with your airline for weight limits before traveling. If at check-in the suitcase turns out to be heavier than the norm, you will be asked to pay the excess. Please also note that it is customary to bring souvenirs and memorabilia from trips. Leave room for them in your bags.

How to pack your luggage
How to pack your luggage


Step 1

First, you need to correctly determine what will fly in your checked baggage and what will happen to you in your carry-on baggage. All documents, tickets, money, phone, valuables and small electronics should always be with you.

Step 2

There are a number of restrictions on bringing items into the aircraft cabin. Carry-on baggage should not contain anything even remotely resembling a weapon. Toy guns, penknives, scissors and even a nail file must be checked in. It is also prohibited to bring liquids into the aircraft cabin in containers with a capacity of more than 100 ml, with the exception of medicines and baby food. This means that all shampoos and creams will fly in the luggage compartment.

Step 3

It is no secret that the airport workers do not particularly stand on ceremony with suitcases and bags. Their task is to carry out loading and unloading as soon as possible. Luggage is thrown, piled on top of each other, bags can fall off the conveyor belt or get caught on something. Taking care of the safety of things inside the suitcase lies on the shoulders of the passenger. Therefore, whenever possible, you should avoid transporting fragile items. All glass items must be wrapped in foil with air bubbles, and then in clothes and placed in the depth of the bag, so that they cannot be felt from the sides. Anything that may spill should be wrapped in separate sealed bags.

Step 4

Bulky and heavy items such as outerwear and books are placed at the bottom of the suitcase. Pack each shoe in a separate bag and fold pairs of socks towards the heel. It is better to place shoes along the edges of the suitcase to strengthen the walls. Roll easily wrinkled items with tight rollers or knitwear to avoid creases.

Step 5

To save space, it is better to take cosmetics in mini-packages or purchase them on the spot. Leave all the little things - phone chargers, small cosmetic bags, socks, swimming trunks - for later. They can be easily tucked between large things, even if it seems that the bag is packed to the eyeballs.

Step 6

Try using a zipper. If this is difficult, then it is better to lay out some of the things. With this pressure from the inside and rough handling at the airport, the lock or seams may break and break.

Step 7

For better safety, wrap the suitcase with plastic wrap. This service is provided in the terminal building for an additional fee. The packaging will increase the durability of the suitcase, protect it from contamination, prevent protruding parts from clinging to everything and will bring frustration to thieves.

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