How To Dress When Flying

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How To Dress When Flying
How To Dress When Flying

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Air travel is quite troublesome and difficult. Buying a ticket, registering, receiving luggage takes a lot of time and nerves, especially on the first trip. In such a hustle and bustle, you can forget about many other details, for example, what to take with you and how to dress. There are certain rules for choosing clothes and shoes for the flight. By following them, you will provide yourself and other passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable flight.

How to dress when flying
How to dress when flying


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There used to be a specific dress code for traveling by plane. Gentlemen wore jackets and ties, and ladies wore modest dresses. Children were dressed up in the best costumes. Today, the rules are more democratic - you are free to dress as you want, but it is advisable to be practical about it.

Step 2

When choosing clothes for air travel, give preference only to natural materials and fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. All things should be as comfortable as possible. Avoid skinny jeans, tight-fitting sweaters, miniskirts, or dresses. In general, avoid any tight-fitting clothing as it can cause what is known as "economy class" syndrome (deep vein thrombosis). Shorts will not work either, because even in summer, when the air conditioners are on, it can get cool in the cabin. Better to wear a tracksuit, comfortable pants with a T-shirt, or leggings. You should not choose light-colored clothes, they get dirty quickly on the road. On dark fabrics, the spots are not so noticeable. Pay special attention to underwear - it should only be made from natural fabrics.

Step 3

If you fly to hot countries in winter, then put on autumn shoes and a windbreaker on the plane, and put your outerwear in your bag and take it with you to the cabin. You can also leave warm clothes in the storage room and give them to those who see them off.

Step 4

Regardless of how long the flight lasts, wear comfortable shoes without heels or platforms. Never choose stiletto heels - they are extremely uncomfortable: the heel can get stuck in the escalator, you can lose your balance in the aircraft cabin, and in an emergency landing it will be impossible to go down the inflatable ladder. Don't wear new shoes, even if they are comfortable flat shoes. Sneakers are also not the best choice: you may have to take them off many times during the flight, and the laces in this case only get in the way. Therefore, ballet flats or moccasins will be an ideal option for women, and shoes without laces for men.

Step 5

Do not use perfume, eau de toilette, or deodorants with a strong odor before flying. Remember that the interior is airtight, the same air circulates in it. Passengers are unlikely to like the strong smell. Do not do complicated hairstyles for the flight, the hair will lose its appearance in any case. Therefore, it is better to sprinkle with conditioner and collect them in the tail.

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