How To Know If A Plane Has Arrived

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How To Know If A Plane Has Arrived
How To Know If A Plane Has Arrived
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No other means of transportation evokes so many different emotions as an airplane. We admire the speed of transportation and comfort. We are horrified and indignant when we worry about a delayed flight or the unknown landing at the airport. Due to ignorance, people start to get nervous and panic. How do I know if a plane has arrived?

How to know if a plane has arrived
How to know if a plane has arrived


Step 1

If you meet passengers at the airport, the best way to find out that the plane has landed on the landing strip is through an electronic board. As soon as the aircraft has reached its destination, the arrival board displays information with the flight number and its status - “arrived”, “landed” or “late arrival”.

If the plane is still on the way, then the status is “departed”, and if the aircraft departed from the point of departure with a delay, then they write “delayed”.

Step 2

You can find out information about the arrival of the plane on the Internet. All major passenger air hubs have a website that hosts an online board of arrivals and departures for all aircraft. With statuses, the system is exactly the same as on the electronic scoreboard at the airport.

If you do not know the address of the airport website, type the name of the airport in an Internet search engine.

Step 3

In order not to be mistaken and correctly view the arrival status, you need to know the flight number. This information is indicated on the passenger's paper or electronic ticket.

In this case, you cannot be guided by the time of arrival of the aircraft indicated in the ticket or voucher, since the aircraft may be delayed both during departure and at the airport of arrival. In addition, the time spent by an aircraft in transit may differ from what is commonly known or reported. The fact is that the way of the aircraft "there" and "back" can pass along different routes and aero-corridors.

Step 4

You can find out the approximate or exact time of arrival of the aircraft at the airport information desk in the building itself or by calling this service.

It is necessary to understand that in the case of charter flights, the exact information of the arrival of the aircraft is not known in advance, since you first need to know what time the aircraft will depart. But they will be able to tell you the approximate time.

In this case, the advantage of regular flights is that they fly on schedule. The help desk specialist will inform you of the flight status at the time of the call.

Also, the airport information desk provides information about the type of aircraft, flight time, hours of departure of the aircraft on the specified route.

Step 5

You can find out information about the arrival of the aircraft at the office of the carrier airline. The name of the air carrier is also indicated on the passenger's ticket or can be identified by the name of the flight.

On the websites of airports or in information offices, as a rule, you can find all the information about airlines making domestic and international flights - online representation, phone numbers, addresses.

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