How To Fly To Bora Bora

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How To Fly To Bora Bora
How To Fly To Bora Bora
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The luxurious tropical island of Bora Bora is located 240 kilometers northwest of Tahiti. Therefore, in order to get on it, you first have to get to the airport on a motu (small island). Faaa is the only airport that belongs to French Polynesia and receives international flights.

How to fly to Bora Bora
How to fly to Bora Bora


Step 1

Obtain a permit visa from the French embassy. Tahiti is part of France, but a Schengen visa is not suitable for entering the overseas territories of this country. For a hassle-free visa application, book a hotel in Papeete. Your documents will be reviewed and processed at least 10 working days from the date of submission, as the embassy makes a request for Tahiti.

Step 2

Get a US transit visa, as a more or less affordable flight is only possible through the United States. In Los Angeles, the plane usually makes a technical landing.

Step 3

Get a European transit visa for the country through which your route will lie. Most likely, it will be Germany or France.

Step 4

If you are not a Muscovite, buy a plane ticket that will fly from your hometown to the capital.

Step 5

Buy a ticket for one of the international flights from Moscow to Papeete. Departures are made 3 times a week - on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Many airlines fly there, for example, "Air France" (transfer in Paris). If you cannot find a suitable French airline option, buy an Aeroflot flight to Los Angeles and a Tahiti Air Tahiti Nui ticket to Papeete.

Step 6

Buy a ticket for one of the domestic flights from Papeete to Bora Bora. These flights are operated by two local airlines: Air Tahiti and Wan Air. The cost of such a flight is The cost of the flight is from 255 euros per person in both directions.

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