How To Change A Ticket

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How To Change A Ticket
How To Change A Ticket
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Both Russian and foreign airlines, tickets for flights of which a Russian citizen can purchase, provide for the possibility of returning and exchanging air tickets within the conditions stipulated in the rules for applying the fares for which tickets are purchased. Most of the tariffs operating in airlines have various restrictions that make it difficult to exchange air tickets and provide for penalties if it is necessary to change the departure date or flight time.

How to change a ticket
How to change a ticket


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If you want to exchange a ticket purchased at a preferential, cheapest, fare, then, as a rule, it does not provide for the possibility of refunding and making changes to the dates and route of the flight. You just have to return the old one and buy new tickets, but in some cases the cost of the returned ticket may be credited towards the future flight, which will be carried out during its validity period. Such a tariff is called an upgrade and provides for an additional payment for a new ticket, if its cost is higher, and penalties specified in the tariff. Usually, the penalties are in the order of 1500-4500 rubles.

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If a passenger wants to change the date and number of the flight, but the route remains the same, then the exchange conditions are the same - payment of the difference in ticket prices and a fine. If the ticket class remains the same, only penalties will be paid. Some fares stipulate the possibility of exchanging a ticket only for tickets of a higher class.

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The most expensive thing for a passenger will be to change the route along the route or refuse to use part of the route. If, for example, you are flying from Moscow to Los Angeles with a transfer in New York, but upon arrival in New York decide to continue on a different mode of transport, then the company may cancel your return ticket from Los Angeles to Moscow and you will have to pay again the cost of the return ticket.

Step 4

If changes are allowed in the fare, then you have the right to exchange your e-ticket as well. To do this, you need to fill out the application form offered on the website of the respective airline and send it with a copy of your passport. The surcharge is made in accordance with the rules for the application of this tariff.

Step 5

The more expensive the tickets you have purchased, the less problems you will have in case of their exchange. Full-fare Economy and Business Class tickets allow for changes in flights, dates and routes during the entire validity period of the tickets. The strictest restrictions and regulations apply when multiple airlines operate your travel itinerary.

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