How To Get From Khimki To Sheremetyevo

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How To Get From Khimki To Sheremetyevo
How To Get From Khimki To Sheremetyevo
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Despite the fact that Sheremetyevo airport is much closer to the city of Khimki than to the center of Moscow, it can be more difficult to get from Khimki to it. You can only use a bus or taxi, so travel time should be calculated taking into account possible traffic jams.

How to get from Khimki to Sheremetyevo
How to get from Khimki to Sheremetyevo

Sheremetyevo airport

The Sheremetyevo aviation hub is located in the Khimki urban district of Moscow; it is one of the twenty largest airports in Europe. This is the largest airport in Russia. It includes six passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. Sheremetyevo has repeatedly won various awards and certificates due to the high level of service provided to passengers. The aviation hub accepts aircraft of any type.

The airport is located between the cities of Khimki and Lobnya, it is 28 km away from the center of Moscow. You can get to Sheremetyevo along the Leningradskoe highway.

Buses to Sheremetyevo from Khimki

There is no direct high-speed express train from Khimki to Sheremetyevo, but you can use those that run from the outer stations of the Moscow metro. They all stop in Khimki at the same stop - this is the Rodionovo platform.

Bus number 851 runs from the Rechnoy Vokzal station (Zamoskvoretskaya line, dark green), it makes a stop in the city of Khimki. The prefix "e" or "s" to the bus number means that the route is a high-speed express train that follows almost non-stop and gets to the airport much faster. On a similar route there is a fixed-route taxi №949, the company "Autoline". Minibus No. 949 also follows from the Rechnoy Vokzal station and stops in Khimki at the same Rodionovo stop.

From the metro station "Planernaya" (Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line, raspberry) in Moscow bus number 817 departs, which also makes a stop in Khimki. A similar route taxi has number 948. They also stop at Rodionovo.

There is also bus number 62, which runs from Khimki to Sheremetyevo airport, but this is not an express train, it makes many stops in Khimki itself. However, if you have enough time, this is the most convenient option, since you can take the bus at a convenient location in the city.

Private car or taxi

You can also get to Sheremetyevo from Khimki by your own car. To do this, take the Leningradskoe highway. The exit to the airport is carried out at 75 km from the Moscow Ring Road. Follow the signs, the road to the airport is well marked.

You can take a taxi to the airport. Tariffs vary from company to company, some have a fixed cost, others include a meter. It is useful to clarify this information with the dispatcher in advance.

Get from Moscow

Alternatively, you can consider the possibility of getting to Sheremetyevo from Moscow. The easiest way is to use the Aeroexpress, which is guaranteed to take you to the airport at the right time. To do this, you will have to get to the metro in Moscow, from there go to the Belorusskaya station (intersection of the Koltsevaya and Zamoskvoretskaya lines, green and brown lines), where you change to the Aeroexpress. The time of the aeroexpress en route will be about 35 minutes.

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