How To Check In For A Plane

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How To Check In For A Plane
How To Check In For A Plane
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When checking in for a flight, you need to present your identity documents and a plane ticket. At the same stage, things are checked in as luggage. The passenger is obliged to check-in for the flight on time, otherwise the plane will leave without him. But after check-in, you do not have to worry: even if you are late for boarding, they will be looking for you for a long time on the speakerphone at the airport.

How to check in for a plane
How to check in for a plane

It is necessary

  • - passport,
  • - air ticket.


Step 1

Different airports have their own check-in times. Passengers are advised to be at the airport approximately 1 hour 30 minutes prior to domestic flight departure and 2 hours prior to international flight. When buying tickets, check the exact time. Check-in closes 40 minutes before aircraft take off. If the passenger has not checked in for the flight before this time, then he most likely will not fly away, and the airline has the right to dispose of his seat at its discretion. In the event that you arrive at the airport just before check-in ends, hurry to the special counters for late passengers.

Step 2

With you, you must have a passport or other document on which the ticket was purchased, and the ticket itself. Recently, more and more often it is being replaced by a itinerary receipt received after buying a ticket via the Internet. Children must have a birth certificate.

Step 3

After arriving at the airport, look for the electronic board with the flight schedule. It indicates whether the registration has started and at which counters it is taking place. Follow the signs to the desired racks. First and business class passengers are served out of turn or at special counters.

Step 4

At the check-in counter, airport ground staff check your documents and ticket. Instead of the latter, a boarding pass is issued, which will serve as a pass on board the aircraft. It contains your seat and boarding gate number. If you are traveling with your family or company, please submit all documents at once during check-in in order to get seats next to each other. There is one more little trick! Arrive at the airport in advance: at the beginning of check-in, it is possible to ask for the desired seat in the cabin, for example, in the front or at the window.

Step 5

You will have to check in your luggage at check-in, except carry-on luggage, so prepare your bags and suitcases. If you wish, pack them in film in advance on special machines at the airport. Your fare includes a certain weight of baggage. Usually it is 20 kilograms per passenger. If your baggage is heavier, you will be asked to pay for the excess. An identification card will be attached to your belongings. The second part will be handed over to you, attached to your boarding pass or passport. Don't lose your baggage voucher: it will help you collect your belongings at the airport of arrival. On hand luggage, you can ask to stick a special tag.

Step 6

Alternative methods of check-in are becoming more common, for example, via the Internet or terminals at the airport. This design has its advantages. You can independently choose a seat in the cabin and formally avoid the queue at the check-in counter. But the mechanism of baggage drop-off at self-check-in is still poorly developed. Abroad, special racks called "Baggage drop off" are provided for this. They are still rare in Russian airports. More often, luggage is offered to be checked in in the order of the same queue for regular check-in, less often - at the counters of the first and business class. Check with your airline to see if they offer self check-in and what to do with your baggage. And then make a decision about the most convenient registration form for you.

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