How To Pass Control And Registration At Domodedovo

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How To Pass Control And Registration At Domodedovo
How To Pass Control And Registration At Domodedovo
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Large airports can confuse anyone. There is noise, bustle, a lot of people everywhere - you can get confused. Therefore, it is useful to know in advance how the pre-flight procedures are carried out at the airport from where you are going to fly.

How to pass control and registration at Domodedovo
How to pass control and registration at Domodedovo

What to take with you and when to come

To go through passport control and check-in for the plane, you will need an identity card, as well as an air ticket or a prepared itinerary receipt. Sometimes security officers at Domodedovo are asked to present it at the entrance, so it is best to always print this document.

Check-in at Domodedovo begins no later than three hours before departure, but more often even earlier, especially on international flights. This procedure ends 40 minutes before departure. It is best to arrive at the airport a little early.

It is recommended to arrive on domestic flights at least two hours before departure, and on international flights about five hours. Some destinations may require lengthy checks, usually they are additionally reported when purchasing a ticket.

Registration at Domodedovo

When entering the airport, you need to pass your belongings through the baggage scanner, and go through the frame yourself. Then you will find yourself in a large hall, where you can see a board right next to the entrance, where the check-in desks are indicated. Find your flight there.

In terms of check-in, Domodedovo is the most convenient airport in Moscow, as it is not divided into several terminals, where inexperienced passengers are usually confused. All check-in counters are located in one place. They are numbered, making it easy to find your flight.

Show your documents at the counter, check in your luggage. You will be given a baggage check (a small sticker with a number and barcode) and a boarding pass. The gate contains the gate number. After registration, you need to go to passport control. An airline employee at the check-in counter will tell you where he is.

Passport control

Usually there is a queue at the control. Do not cross the yellow line when you wait - you will see a warning on the spot. Next, you need to give your passport to the border guard, he will check your document, and then put an exit stamp on it. That's it, you officially left Russia. Now you need to go through inspection and customs control.

If you are exporting something of value that needs to be declared, then you will be given papers that you need to fill out. For those who are unlucky enough, simply put all metal items and carry-on luggage in the tray, put it on the tape and go through the scanner. Scanning devices have been installed at Domodedovo, for which you do not need to take off your shoes: a nice little thing.


After passing the control, you find yourself in the duty free zone. Here you can do some shopping, have a snack or relax if you have time. You need to go to your gate no later than 30 minutes before the departure time so as not to be late for boarding. Signs with exit numbers are everywhere, so it is very difficult to get lost. If in doubt, you can ask any airport employee a question.

When boarding begins, the final check will be waiting for you - a scan of your boarding pass. One part of it will remain with the airport employee, the other will be given to you. All that remains is to get on the bus that will take you to the plane. Often, a special ladder is served to the plane, through which you can get inside directly from the airport building.

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