How To Return A Train Ticket

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How To Return A Train Ticket
How To Return A Train Ticket

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If you change your mind about going or are late for the train - do not be discouraged. You can return the money for the ticket, just hurry up, the later you return the ticket, the less the amount that will be returned to you.

How to return a train ticket
How to return a train ticket

It is necessary

  • - ticket
  • - the document used to purchase the ticket


Step 1

To return the ticket, you must contact any ticket office of the railway station, give the ticket to the cashier and present the identity document that was used when purchasing the ticket.

Step 2

The amount of the refund depends on the deadline for returning the ticket, before listing the terms and amounts, let's clarify the concepts. The cost of travel is the entire amount paid for the ticket. It consists of the cost of a reserved seat and the cost of a ticket.

The cost of the ticket is the cost of transportation, it can be viewed in the first line of the ticket.

The cost of a reserved seat is the cost of a seat in the carriage, it is indicated on the ticket next to the ticket price.

Step 3

The terms and amount of refund when traveling within the country (the deadlines for returning a ticket for a trip to another country differ slightly) If the ticket is returned no later than eight hours before the train departure, then you will be refunded all the money, i.e. fare. If the ticket is returned between eight and two hours before the train leaves, you will be refunded the cost of the ticket. If the ticket is returned within the time interval: two hours before the train's departure - twelve hours after the train's departure, then only the cost of the ticket is refunded. Also, the ticket can be returned within five days from the moment the train departs, provided that you did not get on the train, due to illness or accident. This will need to be confirmed by documents. In this case, only the ticket price will be refunded to you.

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