How To Book A Train Ticket By Phone

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How To Book A Train Ticket By Phone
How To Book A Train Ticket By Phone

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Telephone booking of train tickets remains a highly demanded service offered by railway agencies. This option is good for those who want to be guaranteed to leave for a surcharge, do not have time to go to the ticket office in time, and do not have the opportunity to buy a ticket via the Internet. In many cities, it is also possible to deliver tickets booked by phone to your home or office.

How to book a train ticket by phone
How to book a train ticket by phone

It is necessary

  • - telephone;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of children (if any);
  • - documents confirming benefits (if any);
  • - money for the redemption of booked tickets.


Step 1

Call the railway agency in your city or, if there is no railway in the area where you live, the nearest city where there is one. You can find the phone numbers of the agency on the Internet, in telephone directories or in the information desk of the railway station of your station of departure.

Step 2

Tell the operator when you would like to go, where and from where, by which train (or at what time it is preferable for you to depart), the number of passengers, the requirements for the type of carriage (SV, compartment, reserved seat, general, seated) and seats (upper, lower, lateral or not in the reserved seat, not near the toilet), available benefits.

Step 3

Based on the availability of free seats, you will be offered possible options. Choose the most suitable one, dictate the passenger data (last name, first name and patronymic of each, passport numbers of adult passengers, birth certificates and documents confirming benefits, age of children, as it often affects the ticket price).

Step 4

Agree with the operator on the way to redeem tickets. If we are talking about courier delivery, it is possible only if you are in the same city as the trans-agency. You can usually redeem a ticket at strictly defined ticket offices, but there are usually less queues in them than in ordinary ones. If you buy a ticket at the box office, please note that it is better to do this no later than an hour before the train departure.

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