How To Buy A Ticket To Kaliningrad

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How To Buy A Ticket To Kaliningrad
How To Buy A Ticket To Kaliningrad
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There are two ways to get to Kaliningrad without using personal transport: by train or by plane. For travel by rail, a foreign passport is provided for issuing a ticket, and for a flight - a Russian one.

How to buy a ticket to Kaliningrad
How to buy a ticket to Kaliningrad


Step 1

Choose the mode of transport that you prefer to travel with. You can get to Kaliningrad by train; travel time will be approximately 22 hours. In addition, the train crosses the territory of Belarus and Lithuania; to issue a ticket, you will need a foreign passport. The plane flies less than two hours, and a ticket does not require a passport.

Step 2

Buy a train ticket next to the railway ticket office of any station. To do this, provide the cashier with your valid foreign passport (diplomatic passport or seaman's passport). The cashier will issue a ticket in your name, your name and surname, passport number, departure date and train number will be sent to the Lithuanian Embassy for a transit visa, you do not need to contact the visa department yourself. Remember that you can buy a train ticket 45 days in advance, but no later than 28 hours before the train leaves. When you board the train, a conductor will walk through the carriage and hand you your transit visa, while you are parked at the Ashmyany station, a Lithuanian customs officer will mark you with a border crossing. A mark of leaving the republic will be put during customs control at the Kybartai station.

Step 3

Go to Kaliningrad by plane, this is the fastest way to get to the westernmost region of the Russian Federation, moreover, it does not require a transit Lithuanian visa. The Khrabrovo airport, which is 17 kilometers northeast of the center of Kaliningrad, is served by aircraft from Aeroflot, Siberia Airlines (S7 Airlines), Rossiya Airlines, and Utair. Book a ticket online on the airline's website, for this, enter the search parameters - the date and number of passengers, the system will offer you available options. Fill in your Russian passport details, first and last name, mobile phone number and email address in the appropriate fields. After that, select a payment method, companies provide an opportunity to pay for a ticket using a bank card, terminal (for example, Qiwi), Yandex.Money or WebMoney payment systems. When the payment is made, an electronic ticket will be sent to your e-mail, it must be printed out and presented at check-in for the flight along with a Russian passport.

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