How To Cross The Border Of Ukraine And Russia

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How To Cross The Border Of Ukraine And Russia
How To Cross The Border Of Ukraine And Russia
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You can cross the border of Ukraine and Russia by air, land or sea (crossing the Kerch Strait). In all cases, it is necessary to present a valid passport, including an internal one, and a completed migration card to the border guards.

How to cross the border of Ukraine and Russia
How to cross the border of Ukraine and Russia

It is necessary

  • - passport (can be internal);
  • - migration card;
  • - a ticket for a train, bus, plane, ferry (not in all cases);
  • - own or someone else's car (not in all cases);
  • - declarations for the import and export of your own car.


Step 1

Depending on which direction you are following, you will be the first to be checked either by Ukrainian border guards and customs officers, or by Russian ones. In any case, control will be on both sides of the border. When traveling by air - at the airports of departure and arrival, by sea - to the Port of Crimea and Port Kavkaz, by train - at border stations, by bus or by car (motorcycle, scooter, etc.) - on both sides of the crossing.

The possibility of crossing the border on foot or by bicycle should be checked additionally. This is not possible on most auto-transitions. The only exception is the border crossing point in Suzemka near Bryansk. At the auto-crossing on the Moscow-Simferopol highway, pedestrians are allowed on the Russian side, but not on the Ukrainian side.

Step 2

If you cross the border by train or bus, the border guards of both countries will come to you themselves. On the railway, control is carried out right on the spot, passports are collected from bus passengers and entered into a computer. When traveling by car, you yourself must apply to the border control window with your passport.

Citizens of both states do not need to have a passport to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border. Upon presentation of the passport, they will make a note about crossing the border (and then a similar one when leaving). You cannot make marks in your internal passport, the only confirmation of the legality of your stay in the country will be a migration card.

Step 3

Migration cards at the entrance to the Russian Federation and Ukraine must be completed by everyone who does not have the citizenship of the corresponding state (Ukrainians do not fill out at the entrance to Ukraine, Russians - to Russia). Before being presented to the border guard, Russian migration cards must be torn in two along the cut line; their Ukrainian colleagues tear their migration cards themselves.

When leaving the country, the migration card must be returned. If it is lost or expired (its validity period is 90 days in both cases), you will have to pay a fine. Other major troubles are possible, including a ban on entry into the country.

Step 4

Along with passport control, customs is carried out on both sides of the border. Most often it is of a formal nature, but selective detailed checks of baggage are not excluded.

If you have something to declare, it is better to do it in advance. It is better to clarify the procedure for the import and export of goods from Russia and Ukraine at the embassies or customs departments of both states.

Forms of declarations, like migration cards, can be taken from the conductor, the crew of the plane or ferry, the driver of the bus or taxi, or directly at the border crossing point. The issued documents must be completed in advance, before contacting border guards and customs officers.

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