How To Get To St. Petersburg By Car

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How To Get To St. Petersburg By Car
How To Get To St. Petersburg By Car
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St. Petersburg is the northernmost city in the world with a population of over one million. But this is not what attracts tourists. Most want to see the beautiful palace ensembles and understand the charm of the white nights.

How to get to St. Petersburg by car
How to get to St. Petersburg by car


Step 1

The federal highway M10 leads from Moscow to St. Petersburg. The distance is about seven hundred kilometers. Travel time is from seven to twelve hours, depending on traffic congestion. It is better to hit the road before six in the morning to avoid traffic jams on the Moscow Ring Road (MKAD) and Leningradskoye Highway. The coverage in the Moscow region is excellent, there is a wide high-speed highway, there are enough lanes.

Step 2

The road from the city of Torzhok almost to the borders of the Novgorod region leaves much to be desired. The surface is uneven, there are holes. Be careful and respect the speed limit. Almost in every settlement there are video cameras recording traffic violations. Do not exceed the established speed of sixty kilometers per hour. Otherwise, a fine from the GIDD is provided.

Step 3

Make sure you have spare wheels for your car in advance. It is very easy to punch a tire on the track. And in the Tver region, which you will pass on the way to St. Petersburg, it is very difficult to find a car repair shop that provides services to passenger cars. Basically, they are all focused on truckers on heavy trucks, spare wheels simply may not be found.

Step 4

Three-lane traffic begins in the Novgorod region. This creates difficulties when overtaking, especially since the "pockets" are not very large - four hundred meters. The only plus is the bypass road around Veliky Novgorod. The pavement is new, all the pits are concreted, there are no traffic jams.

Step 5

The Novgorodskaya Oblast is followed by the Leningrad Oblast, after a hundred kilometers you will reach St. Petersburg. The movement on this section of the route is unremarkable. The road is good, there are many trucks, but there is enough space for overtaking.

Step 6

If you get to St. Petersburg in the late afternoon, there is a chance to get stuck in traffic jams at the entrance. They are not the same as in Moscow, but you will have to waste time. The optimal time for entering the city is during the day, from eleven in the morning to five in the evening. At night - after twenty two hours.

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