How To Get To Moscow City

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How To Get To Moscow City
How To Get To Moscow City

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Moscow City is the largest construction project for a business center in Russia. The complex is located in the Krasnopresnensky district of Moscow on Kozhevnichesky lane. There is an observation deck on the territory of the business center, and the complex itself looks quite impressive.

How to get to Moscow city
How to get to Moscow city

Tourist excursions

You can take a tour of Moscow City, which is offered by several travel agencies in the capital. They will tell you about the construction of the complex, show you interesting places on its territory, including the world's tallest musical fountain and an excursion to the Federation Tower.

MIBC (Moscow International Business Center) is built on an area of ​​60 hectares. It includes several high tower buildings. Two of these towers are leased for office space, and one more is a hotel and residential apartments. On the territory of the Center there are a number of different retail premises, banks, beauty salons, shops and other entertainment and service organizations.

How to get there by metro

A separate metro line is laid towards the Moscow City business center. It starts at the Kievskaya metro station and branches off from the Filevskaya line. You need to take a train to the Mezhdunarodnaya station. You can get off at the Vystavochny Tsentr and Mezhdunarodnaya stations, both of which provide easy access to Moscow City. The branch is marked in blue and can be accessed from the Aleksandrovsky Sad - Arbatskaya - Smolenskaya - Kievskaya interchange hub.

How to get there by ground transport

You can get to Moscow City by bus using the route that follows to the Derbenevskaya stop. The address of MIBC is Kozhevnichesky 2 lane, 7a.

The bus to the stop "Derbenevskaya" runs from several metro stations: "Marksistskaya" (route number 106), "Serpukhovskaya" (number 632), "Paveletskaya" (bus routes number 106, 13, 632, minibus number 13m), "Taganskaya" (No. 106).

How to get to the observation deck in Moscow City

Many visitors to the MIBC are interested in visiting the observation deck. It opened in the spring of 2014 on the 58th floor of the Empire Tower. The site offers an excellent view of the Moscow State University, the Academy of Sciences. Lomonosov, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the White House and many other interesting places in Moscow.

You cannot go to the observation deck on your own, but you can do it as part of an excursion. Site opening hours: from 17:00 to 21:00 on weekdays, and from 10:00 to 21:00 on weekends. The ascent takes place on an elevator, which moves at a speed of 7 m / s. The cost of tickets to the top starts from 300 rubles (the cheapest option).

It is best to sign up in advance. This can be done on a special site dedicated to the observation deck: You can also call +7 (499) 272-48-46.

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