How To Go To Live In Spain

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How To Go To Live In Spain
How To Go To Live In Spain
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Have you decided to leave for Spain for permanent residence? Let's try to make out several basic options, what is needed for this, besides your desire, because Spain is not the most hospitable country.

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Step 1

To begin with, everything is far from simple, on the other hand, if you are quite satisfied with the position of an illegal immigrant, then you can leave at any time, but it will be almost impossible to find a job.

Step 2

And for legal residence in the country, there are several basic options.

Option one is to marry (marry) a European.

Option two is to get a job offer from a local employer.

Option three - family restoration. To do this, you must have an officially registered (registered) relative of the first or second line, who is a citizen of Spain by birth.

Step 3

The fourth option is business. Do not think that you can come to Spain and open, for example, your store or cafe, a representative of a non-European state cannot do this. But you can be the owner of this business (in this case, a person with a European passport must work as a manager), and after a few years of work with the payment of all taxes, the manager will be able to issue you an invitation to the country on the basis of cases related to work.

Step 4

Option five - to live at least three years with an illegal (only if the latter has a local residence permit), and then apply for settled residence. However, this option is not the most successful, because already now the number of refusals on this basis has increased greatly, and the laws are changing and, moreover, not in the best direction for migrants.

Step 5

We advise you to start by learning Spanish, without this your chances are practically zero, because English is hardly spoken in the country. For living in the country with your own finances, the entry level is also suitable, and in order to also work, you need an average conversational level of language proficiency.

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