How To Go To Live In France

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How To Go To Live In France
How To Go To Live In France

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France is a beautiful country with a warm Mediterranean climate and a high standard of living. Someone is attracted by French culture, someone is attracted by French cuisine, and someone loves the French temperament and lifestyle inherent in the inhabitants of France.

How to go to live in France
How to go to live in France


Step 1

Marry / marry a Frenchman / Frenchwoman. Of course, this is not the most typical way to go to live in France. You should not seriously think about a fictitious marriage, because, firstly, it is easily revealed and citizenship is denied in case of a fictitious marriage, and secondly, marriage is not a guarantee of obtaining citizenship yet., it is worth remembering some subtleties. French citizenship can be obtained 2 years after the official marriage. After a year of marriage, you can apply to the court to obtain citizenship. Next, you will be invited for an interview to check the non-effectiveness of your marriage, your knowledge of the French language, your level of assimilation into French culture, your behavior and law-abidingness. When obtaining citizenship by marriage, you must live together for a year after the application has been made continuously in France. If your life together was temporarily interrupted, you will be able to obtain citizenship not after 2 years of living together, but after 3 years. You may be denied citizenship if you violate any point.

Step 2

Take a job in France. This is not so easy to do. You can initially get a job in a foreign branch of a French company, then move up the career ladder and move to the head office in France. This path is quite long, but more realistic. You can go to France and get a low-paid rough job. Before obtaining citizenship, you must have officially lived in France for at least 5 years. The term can be reduced to two years if you received education in this country. In this case, of course, you must speak French at a good level.

Step 3

Prove your French heritage. If at least one of your parents is French, then you automatically qualify for French citizenship. Even if you and your parents have never lived in France. This case is called right blood.

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