How To Calculate The Time Difference

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How To Calculate The Time Difference
How To Calculate The Time Difference
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In all countries of the world, time is calculated in the same units of measurement. These are years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. In each country, depending on which time zone it is in, there is a standard and local time, and in some CIS countries there is also daylight saving and daylight saving time. The time difference between zones is equal to the difference between time zone numbers.

How to calculate the time difference
How to calculate the time difference

It is necessary

  • - Greenwich table;
  • - a computer with internet access.


Step 1

Go to the Internet at This service allows you to find out the exact time in the largest cities in the world. In addition to the city in which you are located, Yandex.time by default shows the dials of the largest exchange capitals - London, New York and Tokyo. Use the drop-down list to select any other cities located both on the territory of the Russian Federation and far beyond its borders. This service allows you to quickly and easily calculate the time difference between any two settlements. To do this, select the names of the two cities and click the Find Difference button. Service users can find all the necessary publications and comments made by bloggers from a specific region, city or country.

Step 2

Use the GMT table ( Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the time of the meridian passing through the location of the Greenwich Observatory (near London)

Step 3

Previously, GMT was considered a reference point for time, since time in other time zones was measured from the zero meridian (Greenwich). GMT is now replaced by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is called universal time. However, when referencing time, when it is the time zone that is important (for example, when searching for materials on the Internet), the time is usually indicated in GMT format.

Step 4

Find the city or regional center you need in the time zone table. There is a number opposite the city name that you need to remember or write down.

Step 5

Go to table # 3. It specifically states the deviation of the time zone from the Greenwich meridian. This deviation is the difference with Greenwich. The second table is intended for adjusting the data of the third table for the transition to winter and summer time, moving arrows, canceling and entering daylight saving time.

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