How To Find A Cheap Tour In

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How To Find A Cheap Tour In
How To Find A Cheap Tour In

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Many people love travel, comfortable rest and are looking forward to their vacation. When a long-awaited vacation is approaching, they are unpleasantly surprised by the prices for tourist packages. However, there are many ways to travel inexpensively. How do you find a cheap tour?

How to find a cheap tour
How to find a cheap tour


Step 1

Try to plan your vacation ahead of time. The sooner you decide on your travel dates, the better. Tour operators have a special offer - "early booking". With such a promotion, you can find a tour 30-40% cheaper than in the last days before the vacation itself.

Step 2

Ask an agent of a travel company to look for special promotional offers by country or hotel, the so-called open source software. Or start monitoring open source software yourself on the websites of leading tour operators. With special offers, you can buy a tour 20-40% cheaper from its usual cost.

Step 3

Use the option - "hot tour" if you have strong nerves. Prepare in advance a list of tour operators and sites on which you will track hot tours. You can contact them directly with a request to look for last minute deals. On such a tour, you can save about 50%.

Step 4

Don't be fooled by the first sentence. You must understand that the company is interested in selling you the tour as expensive as possible. Ask the agent about budget accommodation and recreation options. It will not be bad if you look in advance for information on the Internet forums about your destination and the price category of hotels.

Step 5

Stay up to date with a variety of travel news or ask the agency to tell you about promotional tours. As a rule, prices for tours to opened hotels and new routes for advertising purposes are not high.

Step 6

Book your tour online. Many travel companies provide substantial discounts (5-15%) for self-booking the tour online.

Step 7

Take a vacation in the off season. There is a high and low price calendar for each destination. For example, the most favorable prices for tours in Europe are early spring and late autumn. Tourists love to visit European countries in the summer to enjoy the sights in good weather. Or visit the exotic countries of Southeast Asia not in winter, but in summer or autumn. The rainy season is not as terrible as "it is painted", but the prices for hotels and air flights in the "off-season" fall significantly.

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