How To Get To Odintsovo From Moscow

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How To Get To Odintsovo From Moscow
How To Get To Odintsovo From Moscow
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Odintsovo is a small urban settlement in the Moscow region. Located 7 km west of the Moscow Ring Road. You can get to the city by private car, bus and train.

To Odintsovo from Moscow
To Odintsovo from Moscow

Get to Odintsovo by bus

Bus # 339 with the direction Moscow - Odintsovo departs from the Park Pobedy metro station, which is located in the Western District of the capital, where Poklonnaya Gora is. Buses leave on the right side of the underpass. Transport runs from 07:00 to 23:45 with an interval of 10-15 minutes every day except Sunday. Travel time is 35 minutes, depending on traffic jams and road congestion. The ticket costs 60 rubles. The bus also travels within the city of Odintsovo, the fare is 25 rubles.

You can get to Odintsovo from the Peredelkino platform, which is located outside the Moscow Ring Road, next to Borovskoye Highway. Flight No. 468 passes through the Peredelkino, Izmalkovo, Bakovka areas and arrives at Odintsovo. The end point is the Odintsovo railway station. The bus leaves every day from 10:00 to 19:10 with an interval of 1 hour.

Buses # 477 and 454 run from the Kievskaya metro station. It runs daily from 07:30 to 22:35 every 15-25 minutes. Bus No. 461 departs from the Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station. One way travel is 60 rubles. The road takes 20 minutes. time. You can get to Odintsovo by transit buses. For example, from the metro station "Tushinskaya" daily bus number 301 runs to Vereya. You can disembark at the turn to the town of Odintsovo.

Also, minibus # 339 and # 461 go to the final destination. They leave the bus stops as they fill up with passengers.

Get to Odintsovo by train

Trains to the final destination depart from the Belorussky railway station of the capital. Travel time - 32 minutes, fare - 52 rubles. 50 k. There are both direct flights Moscow - Odintsovo and transit electric trains. Transport runs daily from 04:30 to 00:23 every 5-30 minutes. Belorussky railway station is located on pl. Tverskoy Zastavy, 7. According to the uniform reference number of Russian Railways 8 (800) 775 00 00, you can find out a more accurate timetable for the movement of electric trains. The same electric trains with the direction to Odintsovo can be taken on the Setun, Testovskaya, Fili, Rabochiy Settlement, Begovaya and Kuntsevo platforms.

To Odintsovo from Moscow by car

By private car, to get to Odintsovo from the center of Moscow, you should go along Kutuzovsky Avenue and exit onto Mozhaisk highway. After crossing the Moscow Ring Road, there will be a large furniture center "Three Kita", followed by a fork in two highways - Mozhaiskoye and Minskoye. Here you need to turn up to the right towards the overpass. Odintsovo will be in 1 km.

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