How To Write A Letter To The Hotel

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How To Write A Letter To The Hotel
How To Write A Letter To The Hotel
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You can order a room, change the date of arrival or simply thank for the good service at the hotel by phone or by letter. The latter option is more suitable for those who have difficulties with a foreign language.

How to write a letter to the hotel
How to write a letter to the hotel

It is necessary

  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - Fax.


Step 1

When deciding to write a letter to the hotel, first find out its e-mail address or fax. Today, almost every hotel in every part of the world is represented on the Internet. Some have their own website, while others are mentioned in the list of hotels in any country. To obtain such information, simply enter the hotel name correctly into the search engine.

Step 2

Compose the text of the letter you want. If you have a good command of English or the original language of the country in which the hotel is located, it will not be difficult for you to write such a letter. The main thing is to be polite. It's no secret that English is the most spoken language in the world, so a letter in this language can be safely sent to a hotel in any country.

Step 3

If you only know Russian, use the help of the Internet. It contains many templates for letters to the hotel. For example, about a reservation with a request to send his confirmation for a visa, cancellation of a reservation, transfer of arrival time and others. All that is required of you is to correctly substitute your personal data.

Step 4

You can also write the text of the letter in Russian and translate it using an electronic translator. To reduce possible errors in such a translation, compose the text from the simplest and shortest sentences, indicating only the most basic in it. And do not forget to write your details correctly, especially if this letter is about booking a room for a visa.

Step 5

You can try to send a letter to a hotel in Turkey or Egypt in Russian - many people there know it. True, they can pretend that they did not understand and do not answer it.

Step 6

After composing your letter, send it to the correct address. If you are unsure of its authenticity, send the letter simultaneously through all the channels you know to increase the likelihood of receiving it.

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