How To Rent A House In Thailand

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How To Rent A House In Thailand
How To Rent A House In Thailand

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Have you decided to give up the services of travel agencies and go to the land of smiles and sun on your own? Then you need to take care not only of tickets, but also of where you will live in Thailand. You can stay in a hotel or rent an apartment, villa or bungalow by the sea. Thailand is a tourist country, there is a lot of diversified housing in terms of price and quality.

How to rent a house in Thailand
How to rent a house in Thailand


Step 1

Search for accommodation on websites that specialize in renting accommodation in Thailand. For example, one of the most famous sites is This site is in Russian. Look at the photos of the hotels you like by the price and location. Be prepared, however, that they will not be detailed and do not always reflect reality. Read the reviews on the website about the hotel you have chosen - there is a huge number of hotels for every taste and budget. Payment must be made immediately. If you have a Visa Classic or Mastercard, you can use them or pay through the PayPal payment system.

Step 2

Rent a house on site upon arrival in the country. If you are flying to the capital of Thailand, get off the airport, order a taxi and name Khao San Road. Any taxi driver knows this place in Bangkok. Even during the hottest season, you can find accommodation on Khao San Road. Prices here are affordable, as are the public living there. They rarely live on Khaosan for a long time, they usually rent for a couple of days, in order to look around, buy a ticket to a Thai island or another country, enjoy the atmosphere of freedom and carefree.

Step 3

Go to the real estate agency as soon as you arrive in the country. Ask the taxi driver to drive you to the nearest agency or take a walk in the center of Bangkok. If you see a shop window covered with pieces of paper with photographs of houses and price tags, this is what you need. There you will quickly and with a smile will find the right accommodation. But keep in mind that you will have to pay quite a lot for the services of the agency. And it often happens that you can rent a house on your own, which is in the agency's database, at times cheaper.

Step 4

Come to the beach and, going from one hotel on the beach to another, in each one ask about the availability. It rarely happens that everything is busy to the eyeballs, especially if you arrived not during the peak season. Here are just the price you can throw. Haggle - in Thailand it is quite possible and even encouraged.

Step 5

Drive to the area of ​​the city where the locals live and pay attention to the signs on the houses or fences. Often landlords post advertisements for Rent, and this is limited to their search for clients. You can rent a good and cheap housing in this way. This method is good if you intend to live in rather touristy developed areas, and not in a remote Thai village.

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