What Are The Food Systems In Hotels

What Are The Food Systems In Hotels
What Are The Food Systems In Hotels

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So that the long-awaited vacation in a foreign country does not bring unpleasant surprises, immediately find out from the specialists everything you need - from paperwork to living conditions at a hotel. Choose the best diet option ahead of time. There are various hotel catering systems, which are identified in the brochures with standard abbreviations. It will be quite difficult for a new traveler to understand them.

What are the food systems in hotels
What are the food systems in hotels

The type of food in the hotel should be chosen depending on the purpose of the trip and your own preferences. If you are only interested in accommodation in hotels of a foreign city, look in the hotel catalog for the designations NA (Not Aviable), BO (Bed Only), ОB (Only Bed), RO (Room Only), EP (Except Pation) - "only bed", "No meals".

All of these abbreviations indicate that the hotel administration does not have to worry about your menu. If you are going to eat with friends and relatives abroad or in a local public catering, the “no meals” economy option makes sense. In many hotels, if necessary, you can make an individual order for a fee - food will be delivered to your room or invited to a meal in your own bar or restaurant.

There are no “no meals” systems in resort hotels. The same can be said about the hotels of the European Union, where excursion tourism is developed. Even if you are only going to spend the night in your room and explore the local flavor all day long, you will be offered breakfast. In the booklets, it is referred to as BB (Bed and Breakfas) - "bed and breakfast".

As a rule, in Europe, the morning meal is included in the price of accommodation. In most American, as well as Australian, Mexican and Singaporean hotels (the influence of the US market affects) it is customary to pay for it after the fact.

BB - the most economical hotel catering option - has a wide selection. In two-three, less often - four-five-star hotels, the so-called "continental" breakfast (CBF, Continental Breakfast) is offered. It is usually served with a drink (juice, tea or coffee), a roll with a little or jam. Sometimes the menu includes yogurt, eggs and fruit.

Another type of BB system is the American Breakfast (ABF). It includes more satisfying foods such as bacon, sausages, cheese, vegetable salad, pancakes with jam. As the name suggests, American Breakfast is especially distinctive for American hotels. In addition, many hotels in Western Europe offer a hearty breakfast. In particular, the English breakfast menu consists of scrambled eggs and ham, drinks, hot toast with jam and butter.

The most widespread and popular in the tourist world is a varied buffet (BBF - Buffet Breakfast). Meat and dairy products, vegetables and fruits, a variety of pastries, local (sometimes imported) drinks - everything is included in the price. You can have breakfast to your taste and abundant.

If you come for a beach holiday and are going to permanently live in a hotel, it is recommended to order half - (HB, Hale Board) or full (FB, Full Board) board. Accordingly, two - (breakfast and dinner) and three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Please note: the brochure may contain the words A la carte - you will only be able to order a limited number of dishes from the list presented. You will have to pay extra for the rest. The usual practice of hotels in the European Union is free drinks: tea, coffee, mineral water.

Perhaps the most beloved hotel system for Russians is "all inclusive": the accommodation includes not only a three-time buffet, but also the basic hotel services. Turkey's beach resorts are the richest in food - you can drink and eat extremely plentifully 3 times a day. In Europe, the buffet has restrictions: you can choose any appetizers and salads, and the main courses - 3-5.

UALL (Ultra All Inclusive) stands out among the catering systems in hotels.This is an analogue of a full board, however, it provides a much wider choice for holidaymakers: breakfast, lunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner; a huge selection of desserts, snacks, non-alcoholic and spirits of local and imported production.

Most hotels operating on the "Ultra" system can offer an additional service - free meals in restaurants with dishes from different countries. Unlimited 24/7 meals will be included in the resort price. If you are not tight-lipped and like to have fun at the table in a large company, this is for you.

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