How To Book A Hotel In Turkey

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How To Book A Hotel In Turkey
How To Book A Hotel In Turkey
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If you want to relax in Turkey and would like to book a hotel room yourself, go to one of the many Internet sites that offer such services.

How to book a hotel in Turkey
How to book a hotel in Turkey


Step 1

Order a Visa Classic card at one of the banks (Visa Electron or Maestro will not work for hotel reservations). If you already have a card from one of the banks, carefully consider it. If on its front side the number, owner's name and validity period are printed in raised letters, and on the back - in the signature field once again the card number and 3 digits are indicated, then it can be used to book a hotel via the Internet. Check its expiration date and availability of funds.

Step 2

Go to one of the websites that offer hotel booking services. Fill in the fields: "Name of the hotel (city, country)", "Date of arrival", "Date of departure" (if you have not decided yet, check the box next to the line "The exact dates are not yet known") by selecting them from the drop-down calendar. Please note that check-in is usually done before 2 pm local time, check-out is before noon.

Step 3

Indicate the number of people going to Turkey (children and adults separately), the level of the hotel and the range of services (it is possible to indicate not on all resources), the approximate cost of living (also, you can not give it everywhere). Check the box next to the line "Show only available hotels", if this option is provided.

Step 4

Click the "Search" button and see the list of proposed hotels. If possible, read the description of the hotel you like and look on the map in which area it is located (or, for example, how far from the sea, if you are going on a beach holiday). Check out the prices for accommodation.

Step 5

If the hotel suits you in terms of location, range of services and price, book a room directly on the website. Click the "Book" button. Next - select the type of accommodation (single, double, etc.). Choose the type of service (all inclusive; breakfast; breakfast and dinner, etc.). Click Continue.

Step 6

Next, specify the number of rooms of the type you need and click on the "Continue" button. On the next page, provide the rest of the information: full name, type of card, its number (without spaces), expiration date. After you click "Continue", an amount equal to a one-day stay in this hotel will be "frozen" on the card. Do not worry: if the trip does not take place, this money will be available again one month after the specified day of arrival.

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