What Are The Hotel Rooms

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What Are The Hotel Rooms
What Are The Hotel Rooms
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Choosing a hotel room is a very crucial moment when preparing for a vacation. Vacation is a long-awaited event, and you want to spend this time as comfortably as possible. Before choosing a room for booking, it is important to decide how much time on vacation you plan to spend in the room, how important the furnishings and the size of the rooms are for you.

What are the hotel rooms
What are the hotel rooms

What are the types of hotel rooms?

Hotels around the world offer their guests a large selection of rooms that differ in the number of rooms, in the degree of comfort, in the location. But for all hotels in the world, a common room classification has been adopted.

Standard Room (STD) is a type of the simplest small rooms. Includes a bedroom, a bathroom, sometimes a balcony or terrace.

Superior Room (SUP) - such a room differs from the previous one in a larger area or design, sometimes with a better view from the window.

Deluxe Room (DLX) - a room with an area larger than the Superior Room and a better location.

Junior Suite (J.SUIT) - one large room, which consists of a bedroom and a living room, visually separated. This room has a bathroom, sometimes a balcony.

Suite - a room with separate rooms: living room and bedroom. There is a bathroom and a balcony (not always). There may be more than one bedroom in such rooms. Usually each bedroom has its own bathroom. This is a room with luxurious decoration, it has various nice little things, such as a bathrobe, slippers.

The Presidential Suite is a room of the highest category, with luxurious finishes and furnishings. Consists of huge rooms, among which there is a study, a dining room, a hall, a jacuzzi bath, a large balcony. There are not many such rooms in the hotel.

Bungalow (BLW) are usually two-story buildings with two rooms. This type of room is suitable for those who love privacy and tranquility, but at the same time want to have access to the hotel's infrastructure.

Villa is a separate building on the territory of the hotel, which includes the whole range of hotel services. Payment is made for the entire building, regardless of the number of people settled.

Appartment (APP) - a room for up to 12 people, which consists of several rooms and is equipped with a kitchen.

Studio is a type of single room equipped with a kitchenette.

What else to look for when choosing a room?

If it is important for you that every morning and evening you will contemplate from the window of your room, then you can choose the view in advance: BV, BF - view of the beach, CV - view of the city, DV - view of the sand dunes, GV - view of the garden, LV - neighborhood view, MV - mountain view, OV - ocean view, PV - pool view, RV - river view, SV - sea view, SSV - side sea view, VV - valley view.

In order not to be disappointed when checking out from the hotel, seeing the invoice from the administration for additional services, you should find out in advance what the additional fee will be charged for.

As a rule, the following services are paid: room service - room service; laundry service; use of a safe for storing valuables; drinks and snacks from the minibar or refrigerator.

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