How Is The Star Rating Of The Hotel Determined

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How Is The Star Rating Of The Hotel Determined
How Is The Star Rating Of The Hotel Determined

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The hotel's star rating is determined by a number of international criteria. Knowing these parameters, you will find a suitable accommodation option. You can choose an expensive hotel or a cheap hotel. It all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.


Hotel classification

If you are not picky about comfort, choose hotels that have one star. Please note that the linen will be changed only once a week. Of the pieces of furniture in the room, there will be only chairs, a wardrobe and beds. Place your outerwear on a hanger. There is a mirror in the room. There is only one toilet and shower for five rooms.

In a two-star hotel, linen is changed every six days. The room will have a bathroom and toilet. Meals are organized in the restaurant located in the hotel building. If we talk about three-star hotels, then linen is changed twice a week. Towels are removed and replaced with new ones every day. The rooms have a TV and air conditioning, as well as a refrigerator. Soap is available in the bathroom.

Hotels with four stars are very popular. The hotel offers more toiletries. We should also mention the stylish interior design. Five-star hotels are distinguished by the highest service. You will love the sophisticated interiors and excellent cuisine in the restaurants. A room in such a hotel will not be cramped. There are a lot of additional suggestions.

Now, when choosing a hotel, you will be guided by the number of stars and know everything about the level of service. In Europe, the "star" system is adopted. In Africa and Asia - point. There is no unified world classification. But the requirements for hotels are the same everywhere. The area of ​​rooms and the number of rooms, the level of service are taken into account. In Russia, Brazil and China, there is a system of "stars". The same statement is true for most European countries.

And what about France …

There are some differences in the classification of hotels in France, Turkey and Holland. "Stars" for French hotels are awarded by the Ministry of Tourism. At the lowest level are hotels without a category. This is the HT class. The amenities are minimal. This is a lodging for the night, nothing more. Such hotels are equated to hostels.

The budget option includes two-star hotels. SUP hotels already have a TV in the room and a telephone. The breakfast menu is more varied. There is a restaurant or cafe in hotels with three stars. There are more services in hotels of this category than in two-star hotels.

Four star hotels are business class hotels. The list includes 24/7 service, a wide range of services and excellent service. The most expensive hotels in France are called Palace. This category is distinguished by the highest level of service, excellent rooms and excellent cuisine in restaurants.

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