Hotel Room Cleaning Procedure

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Hotel Room Cleaning Procedure
Hotel Room Cleaning Procedure
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There is an entire industry catering to holidaymakers so they can think of nothing but entertainment. The hospitality business makes up a pretty impressive part of this industry. Cleaning rules for hotel rooms are strictly regulated, and this routine is always followed in good hotels.

Hotel room cleaning procedure
Hotel room cleaning procedure

Cleaning procedure

The sequence of room cleaning matters. After all, usually a hotel has one or more cleaning ladies or maids who serve quite a few rooms. First of all, according to the schedule, they must clean the rooms that have been booked to date. Then they go to the rooms that were just vacated by the guests. The last thing is the cleaning of the rooms where someone is staying.

If guests do not want their room to be cleaned, they can hang a sign on the door "Do not disturb" or "Do not disturb". If cleaning is required, then hang the sign on the other side - it usually says that you want to clean up the room in the room. When there is a Do Not Disturb sign on the door, the maid, according to the rules, should never enter your room.

In the absence of a sign, the maid usually knocks on the door, and if there is someone in the room, she asks for permission to clean or finds out at what time it would be convenient for the guests to come.

Cleaning technology

There is a certain set of actions that are included in the number service sequence. This includes airing the room, changing bed linen, towels, wiping dust off surfaces, cleaning the bathroom and toilet, and if there are plants in the room, then taking care of them.

When there are several rooms in the room, the maid starts by changing the linen in the bedroom. Then all other rooms are serviced in turn. The last in line will be a bathroom and a bathroom. All the while cleaning is in progress, the windows are usually open so that the room can be ventilated. If the room has air conditioning, then the maid turns it on during cleaning, but does not open the window.


General cleaning of the room is carried out at least once a week or 10 days. It is never held if someone lives in the room. It includes wet cleaning, cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as processing the bathroom and the bathroom with special means.

Additional services

It happens that guests need additional cleaning. It is performed in the afternoon, sometimes only for an additional fee. Washing of personal belongings and linen of guests is paid on a separate account. If the guest has prepared the laundry for washing, the maid puts it in a bag, which is then handed over to the senior maid, who already sends it to the laundry. The head maid also estimates the cost of the wash and issues a receipt for payment.

Usually on each floor of the hotel there is a special room where the guest can iron the linen or use household appliances on their own. As a rule, there is no charge for this.

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