How To Behave In A Hotel

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How To Behave In A Hotel
How To Behave In A Hotel
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You should learn about the rules of conduct at the hotel in advance, upon check-in, or better before going on vacation. And although in a single hotel the requirements for maintaining order are individual, there are still universal generally accepted standards.

How to behave in a hotel
How to behave in a hotel


Step 1

When checking into the hotel, pay special attention to internal rules and regulations, as well as fire safety rules. Check out the location of entrances, exits, stairs, elevators.

Step 2

Do not leave documents, wallet with money and any valuables in the hotel room. It is recommended to keep them in the safe at the administrator or carry them with you. Sometimes there may be a personal safe in the hotel room. However, before using the luggage room, check with the duty officer - the safe may be a paid service. And one more rule for the safety of personal belongings: keep your passport separate from money.

Step 3

For the use of additional services - pay TV channels, minibars, live alarm clock, telephone, car parking - in most hotels you will have to pay according to the price list. Check it out before moving in.

Step 4

The hotel room can be opened with a key or an electronic card. If you have lost them, notify the hotel administrator immediately. Most likely, you will have to pay a fine for the loss, but otherwise you will not get into your room and risk the safety of your own property.

Step 5

In the hotel, you should not make noise, behave indecently, swear loudly, fight, etc. Observe silence and cleanliness, respect the work of the manager, concierge, maid. Also, do not irritate or discomfort other guests. They, like you, checked into the hotel in order to relax, spend the night in peace.

Step 6

Do not throw or leave food waste, used personal hygiene products, bottles, packaging, or other rubbish in your room or hallway. By the way, in European countries for a cigarette butt thrown on the street, a piece of paper, etc. you can be fined.

Step 7

As a rule, breakfast in hotels is included in the room rate. This is usually a buffet. You can eat as much as you like, but it is strictly forbidden to take food out of the restaurant. This could be considered theft. If breakfast is delivered to your room, you can do whatever you want with it.

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