How Hotels Are Divided By Type Of Food

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How Hotels Are Divided By Type Of Food
How Hotels Are Divided By Type Of Food

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The type of food that the hotel operates on affects the cost of the room, the "star rating" of the hotel. If the hotel brochure indicates that meals are free, this means that they are already included in the room rate. International abbreviations help to recognize what kind of food system the hotel operates on.

How hotels are divided by type of food
How hotels are divided by type of food

No meals

There is a certain category of tourists who prefer only to spend the night at the hotel, and eat outside at their own expense. In terms of cost, it can be several times cheaper than breakfast, lunch and dinner at a hotel. The abbreviation that denotes this type of food looks like OB, RO, AO. Which means: just a bed. The cost of staying in a hotel with this type of food is low, since the administration does not need to prepare food for tourists. At the same time, there are often paid bars, cafes and restaurants in a hotel with the OB type of food, where the vacationer can eat.

Breakfast only

Hotels with this type of food offer their guests not only a room for relaxation, but also a daily breakfast. It usually comes in the form of a buffet. Continental breakfast is much less common. This is a light breakfast consisting of a hot drink (tea or coffee) and a light snack (butter and jam sandwich). For an additional fee, you can order something from the hotel's breakfast menu. International abbreviation: BB, which stands for bed and breakfast.

Two meals a day

Hotels with two meals a day work in two ways: they offer either breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner. Before choosing this type of food, it is worth clarifying which system it is based on. There are hotels where they meet their guests, allowing them to replace lunch with dinner or dinner, which is convenient when going on excursions. International designation: HB. Which means "half board". Breakfast is served as a buffet with drinks, lunch or dinner usually does not include drinks. HB + means lunch and evening drinks are automatically included in the bill.

Three meals a day

Hotels operating on this type of food offer their guests full breakfasts, lunches and dinners, but without drinks. You will have to pay for them separately, even for plain non-carbonated water. International abbreviation: FB, meaning full boarding. Lunches are provided on a buffet basis, dinner is at the discretion of the hotel: either a buffet or an extensive menu. The abbreviation FB + means that three meals a day include drinks.

All inclusive

Hotels that offer this type of food, in addition to three meals a day, give their guests the opportunity to order drinks at the bar for free. International abbreviation: AI. Usually drinks are offered on tap. All Inclusive does not include drinks from the in-room bar. They are paid separately.

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