How To Choose A Hotel In Hurghada

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How To Choose A Hotel In Hurghada
How To Choose A Hotel In Hurghada
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Hurghada is perhaps the most popular Egyptian resort. There are good beaches, the cleanest Red Sea, good infrastructure, affordable prices and many hotels. But in order not to be mistaken in the choice, one must take into account where the hotel is located and whether its managers work with travel agencies.

How to choose a hotel in Hurghada
How to choose a hotel in Hurghada


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The famous resort has not only hotels that cooperate with tour operators, but also focused mainly on the residents of the country. In the first, the prices are higher, but the service is better, the infrastructure is more developed, the beaches are comfortable and clean. If you are going to Hurghada to soak up the sand and relax, choose one of these. The latter are located mainly not on the coast, but in the city itself, they are not designed for a beach holiday, but living there is cheap, about $ 10-20 per day. Such hotels will suit you if you just want to travel around the country, and not relax by the sea. And if you want to swim - you can use the city beaches, including paid ones - there the service is pretty good.

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Among the hotels designed for tourists, there are also those that are cheaper and more expensive. The best hotels are located on the first line by the sea and have their own comfortable beach. But if you do not have enough money for a room in such a high-star hotel, you can rent where it is cheaper. After all, it can be quite pleasant to walk to the beach at times.

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Hurghada hotels are also divided into north and south. The first ones are located not far from the highway. Those with more stars are surrounded by a wall. And on the territory of inexpensive dust gets from the road, you can hear city noise. But in the hotels of this part of the city, as a rule, there are good beaches, and you can explore Hurghada itself. Hotels in the southern part are located in the resort town. It is far from noise and dust, the hotels themselves are newer. But often their beaches are not very good, the sand on them is compressed and dirty. Therefore, if you have the means, it is better to stay at one of the northern hotels, which has a reliable fence. But for those who do not attach much importance to a beach holiday, but want to travel around Egypt, see the sights and at the same time save money, hotels in the south of Hurghada are also suitable.

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