How To Get UAE Citizenship

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How To Get UAE Citizenship
How To Get UAE Citizenship
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In the United Arab Emirates, citizenship issues are regulated by the Citizenship Law No. 17. Upon the unification of individual emirates, their residents received UAE citizenship. Unfortunately, after that it is extremely difficult to obtain it.

How to get UAE citizenship
How to get UAE citizenship

It is necessary

  • - real estate in the UAE;
  • - work in the UAE


Step 1

There are several ways to obtain citizenship in the world. It is necessary to consider them in relation to the UAE. The first and most common way is by birth, i.e. a child born in the country receives citizenship automatically. So, in the Emirates it does not work. The child is given a visa and the right to reside in the UAE under certain conditions. The only exception to this rule: if the parents of the child are not known, he receives UAE citizenship.

Step 2

Obtaining citizenship by descent is a more likely way to become a legal resident of the country. That is, citizenship is given to a child, one of whose parents is a UAE citizen. It does not matter whether the child is born in the UAE or abroad, the fact of kinship is important here. The main thing is to officially legalize the relationship between the child and the parent who is a citizen of the UAE.

Step 3

Some women dream of marrying an Arab and staying in the Emirates forever. But not all at once. They are eligible for citizenship only after 3 years of residence in the country, and with the condition that they renounce their previous citizenship. If the Ministry of Internal Affairs approves the application, the efforts are not in vain! Interestingly, this method does not work for men. That is, he can marry and live in a happy marriage with an Arab woman all his life, but still not become a citizen of the UAE.

Step 4

Naturalization is the acquisition of citizenship at will. Only residents of Bahrain, Qatar and Oman who have lived in the Emirates for at least 3 years are entitled to this "privileged" method. Other persons of Arab descent must have lived in the UAE for at least 7 years.

Step 5

But maybe you don't need it, is it citizenship? Indeed, in the Emirates you can live without it. There is such a thing as a "residence permit" or a resident visa. It can be purchased by becoming the owner of a home in the UAE. The residence permit is given for a period of 3 years with a permanent extension through the embassy. In addition to the owner of the home, such a visa is acquired by close members of his family (spouse, spouse, minor children). Persons working for companies in the UAE are issued the same resident visa.

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