How To Make A Passport In Krasnoyarsk

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How To Make A Passport In Krasnoyarsk
How To Make A Passport In Krasnoyarsk
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Traveling is not only a great way to get to know the world, its culture and the way of life of people on other continents, but also just an opportunity to change the boring environment and relax by the sea. In any case, you will need a passport to travel abroad.

How to make a passport in Krasnoyarsk
How to make a passport in Krasnoyarsk

It is necessary

Application for a foreign passport (2 copies), a copy of a work book, for men - a copy of a military ID or certificate of registration, a receipt for payment of a state fee, for an old passport 4 photos 3, 5x4, 5, made on matte paper


Step 1

There are new and old passports. For their registration, the same package of documents is required, but the old passport will serve you five years, and the new one - ten. They also differ in the amount of the state fee (the new one, of course, is more expensive) and the fact that the new sample document will contain biometric information about you.

Step 2

Having decided on the type of passport, take a receipt for paying the duty. It can be found in your regional passport office, central AVIR or on the website of the Federal Migration Service for the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Fill out the receipt and go to Sberbank to pay the tax.

Step 3

Download on the website or take from the passport office an application for the issuance of a new or old passport. An application for an old-style passport can be filled in with a black pen in block letters, but nevertheless, it will be more accurate if you do this on a computer. You may need Adobe Reader for this. Applications for a passport of a new type are accepted exclusively in printed form, handwritten applications are not subject to consideration.

Step 4

Carefully fill in all the fields: your personal data, data of a valid Russian passport, information about education and relatives. Pay particular attention to job data, which should be listed in reverse order, starting with the latter.

Step 5

In addition to the receipt of payment of the state duty and the application for the issuance of a passport, filled in in duplicate, attach a photocopy of the work book, and each page must be certified by the employer. Men must also provide a photocopy of their military ID or certificate of registration.

Step 6

Prepare photographs in advance for old passports. You need to provide 4 photographs of 3, 5x4, 5 centimeters in size, made on matte paper. For a new passport, you will be photographed directly at the passport office on the day the documents are accepted.

Step 7

After you have submitted all the required package of documents, you will receive a special code to track the readiness of your passport. It may be ready earlier, but not later than one calendar month from the date of submission of the application. On the day of issue, take the electronic queue on the FMS website of your area and come exactly to receive the coveted document.

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