How To Know If A Visa Is Ready

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How To Know If A Visa Is Ready
How To Know If A Visa Is Ready

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Each consulate will respond differently to your desire to know if your visa is ready. Usually, the visa center sets the date of your arrival for your passport immediately on the day of receipt of documents. But if you have free access to the Internet, then it is quite possible to find out at what stage of consideration your documents are. It is possible that you will be told about this over the phone.

How to know if a visa is ready
How to know if a visa is ready


Step 1

Go to the website of the consulate or visa center where you submitted your documents. Find the link in the information section where you can inquire about visa readiness. The search can be processed on the basis of the consulate or on a single database that has data on entry documents to the country of interest to you around the world.

Step 2

The system will require an identifier from you, which is provided by the service of your consulate or visa center. This can be the number of your passport or the addition of the owner's first and last name to it. Be careful, as they often need to be entered in Latin letters. As an identifier, you may be offered to use the code affixed on the receipt of documents. Some visa centers use the receipt code for which you paid the consular fee for this purpose. Please note that you can use the same login and password that you entered for registration when filling out a visa application form online.

Step 3

In the event that the consulate or visa center is ready to provide you with information in person by phone, then you will find its number on the website of the consular office or visa center. These phones are accompanied by instructions on how you should introduce yourself. It may also be required to name a specific identification code.

Step 4

Examine the document issued by the consulate or visa center after you have turned in your visa package. A special telephone number may be indicated there, by which you can ask about the readiness of a visa.

Step 5

The easiest way: come to the consulate on the day when the visa should already be ready. In many consulates, lists of completed visas are posted by employees at the front door or on a board located next to it. Search for your last name. Such lists are compiled in alphabetical order or formed by the date of readiness of visas.

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