How To Get An Invitation To The USA

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How To Get An Invitation To The USA
How To Get An Invitation To The USA

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Any visit to the United States begins with an official invitation. Even if you just want to visit friends or relatives. Or take a tourist trip. What is the easiest way to get an invitation to the USA?

How to get an invitation to the USA
How to get an invitation to the USA

It is necessary

Sheet of paper, pen, computer, printer, fax, envelope


Step 1

Ask relatives or friends who live in the United States to write a free-form guest invitation. It can be written by hand or typed on a computer and printed on a printer. Mandatory points of a private invitation: who invites and whom, when and for how long. Names are written in Latin letters, as in a foreign passport, with a date of birth and a passport number. Another necessary clarification is who finances the trip, medical insurance: the Russian citizen himself who is invited to visit, or the representative of the inviting party, who must have legal status in the United States and confirm his income.

Step 2

Find a sample guest invitation. For example, on travel sites. Change the dates, names and addresses to your own. Then send the prepared invitation to your family or friends who live in the United States. Let the person who invites you add the missing information, print the invitation, personally sign it and send it to you by mail or fax. It is also possible by e-mail, but in this case the signature of the author of the invitation is required. American relatives do not need to certify a private invitation with a notary.

Step 3

In the absence of acquaintances in the United States, contact an American travel agency with an application for one of the tours. You will be sent an invitation from the host on the company's letterhead with a stamp and the dates of the selected trip. As a rule, prepayment of the voucher is not required and the invitation is issued free of charge. However, travel agencies often take a deposit of about $ 150 for each of them. This amount is then included in the payment for the tour. Only in two cases the amount of the deposit cannot be returned back. If you are denied a visa, or if you do not want to travel with this travel agency.

Step 4

Get an invitation to the United States through an agency that specializes in these services. Employees of such a company, in addition to an invitation, will help you find a suitable clinic for treatment and diagnostics of health, will guide you in choosing a place to study and work, select a thematic exhibition, register for participation in a conference, and help you get to a seminar you are interested in. And also, if necessary, will assist in purchasing air tickets, meet at the airport, arrange hotel accommodation.

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