How To Get A Residence Permit In Ukraine

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How To Get A Residence Permit In Ukraine
How To Get A Residence Permit In Ukraine
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A residence permit in Ukraine may be needed for those who are going to settle there for a long time or permanently. According to the current Ukrainian laws, a foreigner can stay in Ukraine for no more than 90 days in a row. If you have a permanent or temporary residence permit, this restriction is lifted.

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine
How to get a residence permit in Ukraine

It is necessary

  • - a copy of the passport with the translation of the first page;
  • - grounds for a residence permit;
  • - medical certificate;
  • - confirmation of the place of residence in Ukraine;
  • - photos.


Step 1

The grounds for a temporary residence permit are registration by a foreigner of his enterprise in Ukraine or obtaining a work permit in an existing enterprise. A more realistic, but also costly first option. In a country where even its own citizens often work without registration, a work permit will only be issued to a particularly valuable specialist. With temporary registration in Ukraine, a foreigner can then issue the status of an individual - an entrepreneur (analogue of a Russian individual entrepreneur) with the regional administration. To do this, you will first have to purchase housing in Ukraine (the most reliable option) or, more difficult, find a person who will agree to register a foreigner in his apartment or private house.

Step 2

Being in Ukraine on an immigration card, a foreigner can establish an analogue of an LLC or another enterprise in the country. But in order to hire himself, he will have to issue a work permit for himself by contacting the employment center. And only if available, apply for a temporary residence permit. It is easier for those who have the basis for a permanent residence permit. Ukrainian laws allow this to seven categories of foreigners: those who were previously in the citizenship of the country, direct relatives (brothers, sisters, children, parents, grandfathers, grandmothers, grandchildren) of citizens of Ukraine, spouses of Ukrainian citizens after two years of being married and their children - foreigners, parents, spouses and minor children of the holder of a residence permit.

Step 3

Refugees after three years of stay in Ukraine in this status, scientists and cultural workers and those who have invested at least 100 thousand dollars in the country's economy also have the right to a permanent residence permit.

In addition to documents confirming the basis for a residence permit, you will need a hefty set of papers.

These are certificates of no criminal record in Ukraine and the country of citizenship (only for a permanent residence permit), medical examination data for AIDS, tuberculosis and drug use, grounds for using housing (ownership, lease agreement, notarized or registered with the housing office), certificate from the housing office about those living in the apartment or that no one is registered there. If there are tenants, all of them must write statements that they do not object to the introduction of a foreigner to them.

Step 4

You will also need a foreigner's passport with a notarized translation of the first page and copies of the rest, 8 matte black and white photos 3 by 4 and a receipt confirming the payment of the state duty. A foreigner applying for a temporary residence permit for a work permit must provide a notarized copy of the permit, a copy of the identification code (analogous to the Russian TIN, drawn up at the tax office at the place of registration) and copies of the constituent documents of the employer's company (including his own): registration certificate, statistical certificate, certificate from the bank about the opening of accounts. from the tax office on the absence of debt and an account card from the OVIR (done when issuing a work permit). All documents of the enterprise must be certified with a seal and the inscription "copy is correct".

Step 5

All documents in foreign languages, including Russian (and it is now considered as such in a neighboring state), will have to be translated into Ukrainian with certification of the translator's signature by a notary.

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