How To Cancel A Schengen Visa

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How To Cancel A Schengen Visa
How To Cancel A Schengen Visa
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According to the rules of the Schengen Agreement, one person can only have one valid visa issued by the country of the agreement. Therefore, a situation may arise when the obtained visa needs to be canceled. How can this be done?

How to cancel a Schengen visa
How to cancel a Schengen visa

It is necessary

international passport


Step 1

Check if you really need to cancel your visa. This makes sense, for example, if your trip has been canceled, or when you have a tourist visa and want to study or work in one of the Schengen countries. Moreover, if the visa has expired, then you do not need to additionally cancel it.

Step 2

Call the consulate of the country where you applied for your visa. Explain to them the situation, including the reasons why you are canceling the trip or want to get a visa from another country. You will be assigned a specific day and hour to visit the consulate.

Step 3

Come to the consulate at the time indicated by the telephone operator. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to wait in line despite the exact time of the appointment. This is especially true in the summer, when tourists apply for visas in large quantities, and in early September, when students go abroad to study.

Step 4

At the checkpoint of the consulate, present your passport and tell me why you came. You will be directed to a visa officer who will be able to put the appropriate stamp on your passport. That's right, on your initiative, the canceled visa will not have any consequences for you with further requests to enter the country.

Step 5

Apply for a new visa if necessary. You will again need a full package of documents confirming the purpose of the trip, income and place of residence in the country.

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