How To Issue A Call To Germany

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How To Issue A Call To Germany
How To Issue A Call To Germany
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Making an invitation abroad is one of the main points required for obtaining a visa. So, for example, if you want to invite guests to your place in Germany, then you must make a call for them. On the basis of this invitation, the German Embassy will accept the issue of issuing a visa to those people who are going to visit you. To avoid any problems with this, fill out the call according to all the rules.

How to issue a call to Germany
How to issue a call to Germany

It is necessary

  • - certificate of income;
  • -help that you are working;
  • -form-description of your living conditions;
  • - invitation form;
  • -payment of state duty.


Step 1

Obtain the required forms for making your call at the Town Hall. In Germany, it is an analogue of Russian administrations, administrations of local self-government bodies, etc. There you will also find out the working hours of the specialists who should be provided with the collected documents. The main form that you will receive at the town hall concerns your living conditions.

Step 2

The main form that you will receive at the town hall concerns your living conditions. Indicate in it your detailed personal data - name, surname, date of birth and address of your home. If the apartment is not yours, then write also the name of the owner, as well as his residential address. There is a table on the form. Reflect in it all the information regarding your home - the total footage, the area of ​​each room. List all the people living with you on the back of the form. If the apartment is rented, then sign this document with the landlord.

Step 3

Verify the completed form with the employee of the town hall who will accept your documents. His signature and seal will mean that you described everything correctly and you can receive guests. Problems with a permit can only arise if housing norms are violated. According to German law, each person must have at least 15 square meters.

Step 4

Draw up another document - this is a certificate stating that you have a permanent job in Germany. Your employer must give it to you. By this, he confirms that you are employed in his company and are not going to quit in the near future. They make such a certificate in just 10 minutes. You also need to take a certificate of your income for the last three months. Making a call to a person, you seem to vouch for him. This means that if he cannot support himself in Germany, you will do it for him. Therefore, the embassy will want to make sure that you have a steady source of income.

Step 5

Take the entire package of documents that you have collected to the Office for Foreigners. Here they will check the accuracy of filling out all the papers and issue an invitation form - you fill it out yourself. Pay a fee of € 25. And your invitation is ready.

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