How To Make Health Insurance For A Visa

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How To Make Health Insurance For A Visa
How To Make Health Insurance For A Visa

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One of the prerequisites for obtaining a visa to many countries is medical insurance. This document will save its owner from paying for possible medical services during the trip, the cost of which abroad is quite high.

How to make health insurance for a visa
How to make health insurance for a visa

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - money to pay for insurance.


Step 1

If you are going to travel to another country on a voucher, apply for a medical policy directly at a travel agency. Usually, its employees immediately warn about this mandatory condition, without which you simply will not be sold the tour.

Step 2

Contact your insurance company. This option is more suitable for those who like to travel on their own. To do this, show the company employee your passport and inform the country, travel dates or the number of days for which you want to take out insurance. Please note that it is better to first clarify all the conditions for obtaining a medical policy at the visa center of the country where you are going.

Step 3

Use the services of an insurance company that provides voluntary health insurance for the organization in which you work. Perhaps, in this case, the policy will cost you free of charge, and it will be possible to issue it for a period longer than the travel time.

Step 4

The cost of a medical policy depends on the amount of the insured amount, which is individual for each country, the duration and cost of the trip, the age of the insured person and the situation in the country you are going to visit. The type of rest is also important - a trip associated with an extreme pastime can be much more expensive. The latter, by the way, is a plus, since the conditions of insurance in this case will apply to a greater number of insured events.

Step 5

When taking out insurance, carefully read the insurance terms and conditions. Specify what is an insured event for you and what is not. Treatment of a chronic illness or its consequences, for example, is not covered by a medical policy unless it is fatal. Often, dental services and sunburn are not considered insured events.

Step 6

Pay attention to the presence of a deductible in the medical policy. It provides for a part of the losses that are not subsequently reimbursed by the insurance company. Insurance with a deductible is cheaper, but it significantly worsens the quality of the policy, as it has many pitfalls. Give it up if possible.

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