When Is The Best Time To Go To Thailand

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When Is The Best Time To Go To Thailand
When Is The Best Time To Go To Thailand

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Thailand is considered to be one of the most popular holiday destinations for Russian tourists. You can choose almost any time of the year for recreation here, be it hot spring or rainy summer, you should only take into account the personal wishes of tourists and their goals.

When is the best time to go to Thailand
When is the best time to go to Thailand

Endless beaches, warm sea, wild nature and pleasant climate create ideal conditions for tourists in Thailand, here you can have a good rest for lovers of different types of recreation, whether it be beach, sightseeing or mainly dedicated to shopping.

Conveniently, Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter Thailand for no more than 30 days.

Thailand climate

When choosing the most suitable time to travel to Thailand, you should take into account the weather conditions in the country and, of course, the peak of tourist activity if you want to spend your vacation in peace and quiet. Thailand is located in several climatic zones at once, so in different places of the country there can be completely different weather, and the level of humidity is also different. Most of Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate, and the Malay Peninsula is in the equatorial climate zone.

Thailand is large enough, so when it can be dry and sunny in Pattaya, it can be pouring rain in Phuket.

There are three seasons in Thailand: hot, cool and rainy. The hot season lasts throughout the spring - from March to May. This time of year is characterized by moderate rainfall, extremely high temperature and humidity, which is especially felt in the central part of the country and in the capital of Bangkok.

The rainy season, which many tourists fear so much, begins in late spring and lasts until October. The highest rainfall occurs in August and September, tropical rains are usually very short but heavy. The cool season is from late October to early spring, and it is during this period that tourist activity peaks. There is practically no rain, the humidity level drops, and the air temperature, as a rule, does not drop below 30 ° C.

Best time for Thailand

The coolest season or the period from November to February is considered to be the best for holidays in Thailand, however, when planning a trip for this time, you need to be prepared for a large number of tourists and you can hardly expect to see deserted beaches. People who can easily tolerate heat and high humidity can safely go to Thailand during the hot season, when there are much fewer tourists.

And for those who do not plan to sunbathe in the sun all day long, but rather want to enjoy the beauty of the wild nature, breathe clean air and taste Thai fruits, you can visit this wonderful country in the rainy season. Low prices will be a pleasant bonus to travel during the rainy season.

Those who prefer a beach holiday should not go to Phuket or Koh Samui in August and September, as the waves are too high at this time, there is a high probability of bad weather, and many sea excursions are canceled.

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