What Is The Sea In Anapa

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What Is The Sea In Anapa
What Is The Sea In Anapa

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Anapa is a resort town in the west of the Krasnodar Territory. Millions of people visit this amazing place every year to relax. It is customary to call this corner a children's recreation center, since a special beach is safe even for little ones.

What is the sea in Anapa
What is the sea in Anapa

The city itself is very small; only 67 thousand people permanently live on the territory of Anapa. But the beaches stretch 42 kilometers along the Black Sea. Everyone will choose for themselves the option of rest: on the sand or on the pebbles. You can also go to nearby villages, such as Vityazevo or Sukko, to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Sand beach

There is a sandy beach from the sea station and further in the direction of Taman. Once the Kuban River brought these particles here, because there is almost no sandy bottom of natural origin on the Black Sea. The city beach is located in this area. The entry into the sea is gradual, the depth is shallow. That is why a huge number of children rest in this place.

The children's camps area begins behind the city beach. Pionersky Prospekt accommodates more than 50 health centers for different ages. They all stand along the coast. They stretch 12 kilometers to the village of Vityazevo. The Dzhemete area is also famous for its sandy beach and an abundance of places for recreation.

The peculiarity of the sandy beach is that it begins to bloom in July. The large amount of algae makes bathing uncomfortable. The smell of sulfur-hydrogen fills all the surroundings. But this climate and conditions are believed to be ideal for health. Those who visit this place in the summer, then during the year, rarely get sick with colds.

Pebble beach

A pebble beach stretches from the sea station in the opposite direction. It is often called the "High Coast", below people swim, and above there is a footpath from which an excellent view opens. Pebbles on the territory of the city are small, easy to enter. But the coast is no longer shallow, as on the sand, but sharper.

Excellent beaches in the vicinity of Anapa, for example, in the village of Sukko. Pebbles of different sizes, you can choose a place with large or small. The beach is clean with clear water. Flowering, as in the city, is not observed. This place is located 12 km from the city. You can get there by taxi or public transport.

Nice beach on Bolshoy Utrish. It is 14 km from the city, a little further from Sukko. It is good to dive here with scuba diving, as the beach is very beautiful, huge seaweed at some distance from the coast is simply enchanting. Every year, a diving platform is installed on the beach, as well as various shops and cafes are erected on the shore.

Azov sea

From Anapa you can get to the Sea of ​​Azov. Just an hour's drive (about 60 km) is Temryuk and the village of Golubitskaya. These are the places where you can enjoy your stay at the freshest sea in Russia. Feature of the beaches - underfoot shell rock, which is similar to sand, but consists of small shells of natural origin. The entrance to the water is shallow, there are almost always waves, which makes swimming fun and exciting.

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