Where To Go To The Sea With A Small Child

Where To Go To The Sea With A Small Child
Where To Go To The Sea With A Small Child

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The beach season will begin very soon, and many parents are already thinking about buying a ticket. What are the most favorable destinations for families with young children?

Rest is needed not only for parents
Rest is needed not only for parents

The summer season is just around the corner, and many parents have already puzzled themselves with the choice of a place to spend their vacation at sea. Now those prejudices have already been dispelled, which say that a child is not recommended to change the situation until the age of four. Of course, it is not worth taking out to distant lands absolutely crumbs. But a one and a half or two year old child can already be safely taken out to sea. Moreover, the sea air and moderately hot sun will only benefit the baby.

Consider the most popular options for vacation destinations with young children.

1. Turkey (Mediterranean Sea): this type of vacation is preferred by those people who are accustomed to having an all-inclusive vacation. Turkey has been the most popular destination for families with children for several years now. After all, there are all conditions for a comfortable stay with children. However, do not forget about the heat, which is in July and August. Therefore, for relaxation, it is better to choose the end of May - early June or September. A significant advantage of this direction is the short flight.

2. European countries (Mediterranean and Aegean Seas): recently, vouchers to Spain, Greece and Italy began to cost about the same as in Turkey. At the same time, tourists themselves choose the type of food they need, and the service turns out to be an order of magnitude higher, it is not for nothing that it is considered European. The flight to this country is also not very long. As for the season, for a holiday with a child, again, it is considered the optimal period of the beginning of summer or autumn. The only problem for traveling to this country is getting a visa (it takes time and costs some money).

3. Resorts of the Adriatic Sea (Croatia and Montenegro): these places are famous for the cleanest water in the sea, however, it is colder here. Even in the hottest months, the water does not warm above 25 degrees. Therefore, this factor is important to consider for beach lovers. However, the Adriatic resorts have a very favorable and comfortable climate for relaxing with a small child. A short flight is also an advantage.

4. Red Sea (Egypt): This sea is considered one of the warmest. However, the dry climate is not very favorable for small children, and besides, it is very hot here in summer. Therefore, for a holiday in Egypt, it is better to choose the spring or autumn period, but do not forget about the season of winds. The flight to this country will be longer, since this is a different continent.

5. Black Sea (Crimea, Bulgaria, Krasnodar Territory): there is practically everything that a child needs for the benefit of a child - a comfortable sea temperature, and a gentle sun, and a mild climate. But there are no particularly comfortable living conditions. At the same time, prices are often much higher than for vouchers to other states. But, if you are going to take your child for the very first time to the sea, the Black Sea coast will be the most favorable option.

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