Is It Dangerous To Go On Vacation To Egypt?

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Is It Dangerous To Go On Vacation To Egypt?
Is It Dangerous To Go On Vacation To Egypt?
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More recently, Egypt was the most popular resort among Russians. But due to the change of government, rallies, and emergencies in Cairo, the flow of tourists has dried up. At one time, the Russian Foreign Ministry even imposed a ban on flights to Egypt. But it has been removed for a long time.

Is it dangerous to go on vacation to Egypt?
Is it dangerous to go on vacation to Egypt?

Egypt - is there a danger now

As of the beginning of 2014, holidays in Egypt can be considered safe. Although sometimes there are reports of unrest in Cairo in the news, they have a local quality, they quickly subside and do not affect the resort areas. Therefore, you can safely go to Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh, El Gouna and other coastal cities and towns. Accommodation on the territory of the hotel guarantees almost complete safety. In addition to the guards of the hotel itself, which constantly bypasses the territory, tourist police are on duty near most of the hotels. Its task is to identify suspicious people and report them to headquarters.

Russians who have lived in Egypt for less than a month do not need a visa.

Excursions in Egypt - how to relax safely

If you can feel protected on the territory of the hotel, then on long trips (to Cairo, to the Giza Valley, to Alexandria, etc.) there are no numerous cordons of protection. Usually a group of buses is accompanied by two or three vehicles with armed police officers or private security personnel. But this is provided for the movement of large excursion groups of five to eight buses. Most often, such trips are organized by large tour operators. Tours purchased from private agencies, where tourists travel in minivans, are not accompanied by security. Therefore, when planning a tour of Egyptian sights, remember that it is better to overpay a little and not risk your life, than to save money and worry all the way whether the militants will capture the minibus. This is especially true for trips to large cities.

The best time to travel to Egypt is April - May and September - October. During these months it is not too hot and the sea water is warm enough.

Things to remember while vacationing in Egypt

In addition to the danger posed by the radical masses of Egyptians, tourists can face domestic problems on the territory of the hotel. The first and most unpleasant one is poisoning. Very often, dishes not eaten for lunch are served for dinner. And in a couple of hours in the heat, they can deteriorate. Then tourists experience very unpleasant symptoms of intestinal upset. The easiest way for a child to get poisoned is stale food. In addition, some bars make ice from tap water. Therefore, in order not to risk it, it is better to take drinks without ice.

You should be careful when entering the sea - thorny hedgehogs often hide among the stones. Their needles break, remaining in the skin, the wounds do not heal for a long time. Do not touch fish when snorkeling and diving. Many of them are poisonous, the bite can provoke a tumor. And, of course, remember about the high UF protection cream. The sun in Egypt is very hot, and it takes a few minutes for a person from a northern country to get burned.

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